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Let’s Catch Up

May 1, 2017

I’m typing this post in my new apartment with a never ending to-do list and too many boxes that still need unpacking. I need to buy a stove and a washing machine, the kitchen is too small and most of my closet is still in a sea of garbage bags because I ran out of boxes ( of course). But at sunset, golden beams shoot through the entire house, the cats sunbathe with their fat bellies in the air in front of the big windows, and the supermarket downstairs stocks my holy grail sulphate+ silicone free conditioner that is so hard to find, as well as all the vegan food I love (Qorn faux meatballs!). I can’t wait to cook up my fave meatball curry recipe and have friends over for a girly movie night. Also, my Pinterest board is on fire right now, all the dreamy boho possibilities! Plus black floral print bardot dress by: River Island, Black Acrylic Ark by: Cult Gaia Getting back to the fashion side of this blog, are you gushing over this dress as much as I am? I’ve always been obsessed with bardot everything because I think it’s a classy way to show skin (flashback to my dad asking a sixteen-year-old me if I think I’m “doing the right thing” because I started wearing bardot tops *eye roll*). I love the length and print, but I had no idea the little splits in the arms were mimicked on the back, I thought I tore the dress the first time I wore it! Long story short, if River Island made this dress in more colours/ prints, I would buy all of them. I am wearing this dress in a size 20 UK and it fits perfectly, I have been fitting into more size 18s lately- the other dresses River Island sent me are all size 20s and they fit loosely so I am assuming this dress runs a teensy bit small in all the right areas. The arms are loose and the elasticized waist doesn’t hang off me. Unlike most things bardot, the neckline doesn’t hike up every time I raise my arms. It’s a very comfortable dress. Plus black floral print bardot dress by: River Island, Black Acrylic Ark by: Cult Gaia Plus black floral print bardot dress by: River Island, Black Acrylic Ark by: Cult Gaia Plus black floral print bardot dress by: River Island, Black Acrylic Ark by: Cult Gaia Black Acrylic Ark by: Cult Gaia Now, let’s discuss the bag shall we? Horribly impractical for chucking your keys or tampons in but oh so glorious to look at. I was a little surprised at the size when I got, I thought it would be bigger. And even though I’ve had it for two weeks, the acrylic chemical smell is still pretty strong. Yet I freaking love it, I love how unique it is (even though every blogger under the sun has the wood version) and I love the architectural design and structure of the bag. I randomly end up lifting it in the air and gawking at it because I am still so taken with this bag. Plus black floral print bardot dress by: River Island, Black Acrylic Ark by: Cult Gaia Dress courtesy of River Island (regular size and plus size) / Bag- Cult Gaia via Shopbop / Shoes- River Island (old, similar here)

So there you have it, a little life update and my opinions on some newly acquired fashion things. I have two exciting Ramadan collabs in the works and I am super excited to share them with you. I know my blog posts are not as frequent as they used to be, keeping up with Instagram almost feels like a full-time job but I have to admit, there is nothing like the feeling of hitting that WordPress “Publish” button. I’ve been blogging for nearly ten years now and putting out a new blog post still fills me with pride. With all the influencer- Instagram drama lately, I think I will focus more attention on the none BS side of blogging- the actual blog (even if nobody reads them anymore).

Have a wonderful week.

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6 bags for the summer

April 12, 2017

I don’t know about you, but I’m all for summer fashion. Bright colours, crisp whites, gladiators showing off brown skin and a fresh pedicure, glorious bohemian jewelry and of course the perfect summer statement bag. Before a season begins, I usually have an aesthetic in mind, and typically, I’m having boho luxe ambitions with lots of bardot, embroidery and florals (duh!). Also typically, I’m dreaming of 70s inspired corporate chic in the form of flare pants with pussy-bow tops and long line vests, bold power pantsuits and flowy dresses with structured blazers on top. I also want pearl embellished boyfriend jeans which I will be DIYing asap. Most people think about the beach and vacations when it comes to summer, I think about the glorious outfit possibilities and how many of them I can pull off without getting a heat stroke (hi from Dubai!). But getting back to bags here’s a little sneak peek into my Shopbop wish list.

  1. Cult Gaia Acrylic Ark Bag: Ok confession, I just purchased this as soon as the Shopbop sale went live. I know it’s still the blogger It bag of the moment and while the brown wood version seems super popular, I’m in love with this dark acrylic version. I plan to wear this with dark floral dresses and minimal monochrome outfits that just need red lipstick as a finishing touch. I’m so excited!
  2. Cleobella Twain Small Satchel: The perfect beach companion that immediately has me thinking about how great this bag would look as a crossbody while I’m sipping on some fresh tender coconut water. I really need a vacation.
  3. Sam Edelman Chiara Top Handle Satchel: I feel like this would be the perfect bag to take me from work to a fancy sushi dinner with the girls. It’s chic, structured, comes in the perfect shade of blue and it’s affordable.
  4. Rebecca Minkoff Chase Medium Saddle Bag: I love the size, shape and the braids and tassels, talk about boho perfection *heart eyes emoji*
  5. Foley + Corinna Mini Brittany Satchel: This is my idea of the perfect everyday bag, I know some people prefer big bags for everyday wear but I hate dragging around something that seems to contain the entire kingdom of Narnia since every time I go fishing in it for my keys, I lose at least 20 minutes of my precious life ( I’m 30 now, my minutes matter). This is a nice neutral that will go with every outfit and leave me hands-free for when I accidentally come across a Zara sale.
  6. Milly Single Box Clutch: Tell me this isn’t the perfect party bag, I dare you.

P.S You can score these for 20%- 25% off with code EVENT17 until April 16, 2017, at 11:59pm PT. Check out the details here.