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Curly Haircut in Dubai at Kozma and Kozma Salon

July 30, 2016

I am so excited about this blog post because for once, I actually have an answer for when someone asks me about my hair. I’ve lived my whole life here and finding a curly hairstylist in Dubai has been impossible. I’ve had some hair horror stories with folks who have tried to cut my hair, so much so, that it had been a whole year since I had a haircut and a few months since I’d had a colour retouch. I was terrified of getting my hair done but when I heard Kozma and Kozma was opening up in Dubai, I grew optimistic. They actually have a separate menu for curly hair and when I met them at their launch party, they seemed to know what they were talking about.

I’m really glad I waited for them to open up because my appointment at Kozma and Kozma was probably the best hair salon experience of my life. Their hair stylist Julia knew exactly what to do to fix my hair, she was extremely knowledgeable and generous with tips and tricks for taking care of my curls- listen, I am plotting strategies to make sure she never leaves this country. I highly recommend going to her, she was professional yet fun and very patient through out the entire process of my hair transformation.

I got a Curly Lesson Hydrate & Style session, which is basically a demonstration of their curly styling techniques (which has been doing wonders for my hair btw) and I also got a curly hair cut, Olaplex treatment and colour correction.

Here’s a little video about my experience, I’ve included clips of our appointment and feedback on their technique. If you don’t have time to watch it, there are photos below!

curly haircut in dubai at Kozma and Kozma curly haircut in dubai at Kozma and Kozma curly haircut in dubai at Kozma and Kozma curly haircut in dubai at Kozma and Kozma Julia put these clips in at my roots so that I get more volume as my hair dries, they sell these clips at the salon for AED 20 a box. curly haircut in dubai at Kozma and Kozma curly haircut in dubai at Kozma and Kozma I have to go back for a toning and Olaplex treatment as we’re working our way to the perfect shade of ash blonde without destroying my curls. curly haircut in dubai at Kozma and Kozma Honestly, my¬†curls have never looked so good, I am so happy with the end result! I definitely recommend checking them out if you have curly or wavy hair. You can use the code “CURLY GODDESS” to get a discount as well ūüôā

Kozma and Kozma are located on Al Wasl Road in Jumeirah, you can check out their website and instagram for more information.



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Review: Elemis Biotec Facial at Sensasia Urban Spa

April 3, 2016

I can’t even remember the last time I had a facial so when SensAsia Urban Spa invited me to try out the newly launched ¬†Elemis Biotec facials, I said “yes, please!”. Honestly, I tend to say yes to anything with Elemis because they are an amazing skincare brand- their stuff really works.

My spa experience began with filling up a short form and a quick one on one with their skin therapist so she could determine which Biotec facial would be best for my skin. They offer seven types of Biotec treatments for various issues- fine lines, pigmentation, dullness, blemishes, etc. Since my biggest concern is an uneven skin tone and acne scars, she recommended the Biotec Skin Resurfacer- a deep-cleansing facial that uses ultrasonic technology and light therapy to treat superficial scars, uneven skin tone, fine lines and resurfaces the skin for a smoother and softer texture.

SensAsia offers the Elemis Biotec facials in¬†The Speed Room,¬†which, despite its Kris Jenner vibes, was actually pretty relaxing, The ‘intelligent chair’ was ridiculously comfortable, and the soothing lounge music in the background really helped me unwind instantly.

That little tablet looking machine behind the bed a.k.a the Biotec machine is what they use to perform the ultrasonic peel and light therapy, and before we could start, my skin¬†therapist used the light on the left and a mirror to show me what my problem areas looked like up close ( I didn’t enjoy this part, haha!). Sensasia The Speed Room Elemis Biotech facial review After cleansing (¬†with the Elemis Tri-enzyme resurfacing facial wash) and toning my skin, she then exfoliated my skin with the ultrasonic frequency wand which vibrates as it moves across¬†the skin. This helps to peel away the top layer,¬†unblock pores, loosen dead skin cells and resurface the skin. Despite the scraping motion, I couldn’t feel anything, it was a very gentle process.

The Resurfacing Activator serum was then applied, followed by cooling eye pads and a gel mask. My skin therapist gave me a neck and shoulder massage while this mask was setting, and I basically fell asleep at this point.

She then proceeded with the light therapy and ended the entire process with an eye cream and serum, I was advised to use sunblock for the next few days and to avoid make up for the next few hours. She then brought that dreaded mirror and light back only this time I was very impressed with my reflection. I noticed an immediate difference in my skin- it looked cleaner, brighter. my scars looked lighter and I had a nice glow! My skin also felt super soft, I was pretty happy.

I was so impressed with the results that I bought the Elemis Tri-enzyme resurfacing gel mask she had used on me, I needed it in my life!¬†I obviously won’t see results as quick and effective with the mask alone but she said I could use it in between facial appointments. Sensasia recommend one treatment every three weeks for best results, and a complete course includes six treatments.

I thought that was the end of it and I grudgingly got off the chair but she then took me to their relaxation lounge, covered me in a blanket, put my feet up on a pillow and wrapped one of those lavender scented neck pillows on me. And then brought me ginger tea. I could have stayed there forever. Sensasia The Speed Room Elemis Biotech facial review Sensasia The Speed Room Elemis Biotech facial review So, would I recommend it? Definitely! I was impressed with the instant results and as my skin therapist had advised, my skin looked even better the next day. It was also an incredibly relaxing experience, perfect for melting away the stress of a rough day or week.

It lasts for 30 minutes ( but add on some extra time for the relaxation lounge) so it’s great if you’re one of those people who¬†are always too busy for facials. It costs aed 375, which I think is a really great price given the results and quality of the facial.

SensAsia offers the Elemis Biotec facials in The Speed Room at their flagship spa in The Village, Jumeirah. For more information, visit their website and check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

*P.S, even though I was invited to try this facial, all opinions are honest and my own.