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Get the Look: Pop of Aqua eye makeup

September 22, 2015

Let me just start by saying I’m not a makeup artist, just an enthusiast. I clearly enjoy makeup and share it with you on instagram and snapchat (weeshasworld on both!) and I’ve been getting requests to explain some of my looks, so I decided to try my hand at a makeup tutorial. Lord knows we have more than enough youtube beauty gurus, and I’ve hesitated to try making my own makeup videos because everyone seems to be jumping on that bandwagon. However, I do love makeup and I really enjoy the challenge of trying something new- videos are completely out of my comfort zone and a lot more difficult ( probably why I quit ootd videos a while ago) but I’m enjoying it, so I’m going to try it, regardless of what people think or how many views I get. It’s fun! and I prefer to ask “why not?” rather than “why?”.

I’m going to waddle in the makeup videos pool a little bit and see how I like it. Here’s one of my first attempts, I hope you like it!
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Afternoon Tea with Miller Harris at Fortnum & Mason Dubai

June 13, 2015

British perfumer Miller Harris recently hosted a quaint little tea party to celebrate the launch of their ‘Le Jardin D’enfance’ collection and their 15 year anniversary. The event was held at the super chic Fortnum & Mason, talk about a beautiful location!  The new collection consists of three scents: Coeur de jardin (my favorite!), Cassis en Feuille and Poirier d’un soir. Each scent is said to represent a special moment in time; the green morning dew of Cassis en Feuille, the daytime warmth of Coeur de Jardin and the honeyed dusk of Poirier d’un soir.

The event was quite the educational experience with a fascinating talk about the history and science that goes into each scent. We got to sample a few of Miller Harris’s offerings and unsurprisingly, each and every scent was a unique experience inspired by the natural world. The inspiration behind the ‘Le Jardin D’enfance’ collection is obviously a garden in bloom, and my favorite of the collection, Coeur de jardin,  leans more towards the fruity citrus side with Italian bergamot, lemon, textured pear and peach. Other notes include Turkish rose, jasmine absolute, tuberose absolute, orris butter, amber, musk, moss and patchouli- I’m no expert but this perfume is just absolutely beautiful. I love it because my perfume preferences are all about clean, fresh and crisp summer scents, I like perfumes that are elegant and young (nothing too fruity or too grown up) and aren’t overpowering. I also love that it lasts for ages on the skin, super important for Dubai summers!

Apart from the scent itself, I love Miller Harris’s branding and packaging too- it’s luxurious, contemporary and quirky. All in all, I’m a new fan of the brand and I would definitely recommend checking them out the next time you’re perfume or gift shopping. You will not be disappointed.

Miller Harris Dubai Miller Harris Dubai Miller Harris Dubai Miller Harris Dubai Fortnum Mason Dubai Fortnum Mason Dubai Fortnum Mason Dubai Fortnum Mason Dubai Miller Harris Dubai Miller Harris Dubai weesha and dorra

Thanks to Bonnie for this cute photo of me and Dorra (check her out, her nail art is amazing!) at the event. I would recommend checking Bonnie’s post for a more in depth look at another perfume from this collection. She’s currently one of my favorite and most trustworthy beauty bloggers!

Miller Harris perfumes are available at Areej, Bloomingdales and Harvey Nichols in Dubai. Learn more about the brand here.

“My fragrances are paintings – they tell a story of my journey, my life and style. I have studied each material over the years and I know them intimately like a friend: every facet. This has enabled me today to be ruthless in my selection. I know what I want and what can work for me and my creations. Respecting each material’s abilities is key and gives me my signature. Perfumery cannot be true without these great masterpieces of nature. One perfumer, one vision, one style!” – Lyn Harris