About Me

Luanne 'Dsouza

I’m just a plus size girl who loves to dress up.  To me, fashion is Fashion is all about confidence and creativity for me, not fitting some messed up beauty standard

I yoyo between a size 12 to 18 but people seem to constantly talk about my weight no matter what my size is. I like proving that big girls can be stylish and trendy too.

Weesha’s World is my little diary, I talk about plus size fashion, beauty, and basically share anything that inspires me. You might find the occasional rant about self acceptance and dealing with folks who think my body is any of their business. Whatever you’ve been through, I’ve done it too-the  gym, starving, bulimia, depression, self harm- most women have and I’d really like to change that.

I’m proof that you can feel beautiful and stylish no matter what your size is.

You will never be able to please everyone, so you might as well please yourself.

I hope you leave Weesha’s World feeling inspired 🙂


LuAnne D’Souza aka Weesha

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  • Jaqueline Sant’ana

    Hi! Just found you blog and I really liked your style! I’m a plus size chick too (from Brazil) and I love to read all the experiences from other girls who have to deal in a daily basis with the social harrassment of being overweigth. Keep the nice work!

  • Aishwarya

    Hi there! It’s nice to find another personal dubai based blogger haha. I’m totally looking forward to exploring your place on the inter-webs and you definitely welcome to mine for some imaginary tea and scones!
    -Aish xx

  • Jeena

    Hello Weesha, I want to talk you about a new brand coming in to Dubai. How do i contact you?

    • Hi Jeena, you can email me at luanne dot dsouza at gmail x

  • Maliha Rao

    I can completely relate to the Plus Size and the fact that we can never please anyone else. Love your blog!

  • April

    Love it Weesha flaunt it girl.. you are a great role model for all of us big gals !!

  • Chinthu Arun

    Hi Weesha. ..You’re a total inspiration for the plus size ladies like me…. Love your style… Keep going dear !!!! All the best !!!! 🙂