Plus Size Fashion Lookbook with REDTAG

January 23, 2017

I guess this is a nice way to return to blogging in 2017! I’ve been on hiatus since November but I’m on here today sharing a pretty cool collab with Redtag. You might remember that I worked with them last year to launch their plus size line and I’m happy to work with them again because I think it’s important for everyone to have access to fashion, especially plus size girls on a budget.

This time, I thought it would be fun to style a few simple looks for the blog and my youtube channel. From all the pieces I’m wearing in this post, the maxi dresses were my absolute favourites, so much so that I can’t choose between them. The pink printed maxi dress has a great cut and fit, it hugs my curves in all the right places. The maroon dress is something I would totally wear to a wedding or fancy date. Apart from the gorgeous rich shade, the ruching at the waist and side pleats are details that, in my opinion, make a simple dress absolutely classy and stunning. I just adore this dress and think it’s a total score!

I also recommend the stirrup leggings which were a total blast from the past but you know what? I have been shamelessly living in them because they’re so comfy yet hold in my tummy ( on some days I feel like I need it, some days I don’t care lol). They’re also flash friendly (ahem!) and good quality- worth trying on the next time you’re at a Redtag store.

I hope you like the video, Leia and my newest kitty Bandit were super happy to make a cameo!

P.S All the clothing I am wearing is now on sale at Redtag stores, find your nearest store here. You can check out Redtag on Facebook and Instagram.

**Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Redtag but as usual, all opinions are mine and 100% honest**



  • I also love the maxi dress on you. Great to see you here. . .

    • Thank you Neti <3 it's good to be back!

  • Leia is the cutest! I have not been on Instagram in really long; taken some sort of aversion to the feeds and world on there – I think I allow it to mess with my mind during particularly rough times but working on keeping better. (Also, not that it matters, I hate that it got Snapchat-ified a bit, etc.) Anyway, yeah, missed seeing *her* face! We have a cat in our building, he is a year old – not brought him home or anything but we (my sisters and I) do think of him as our cat since we feed him and sometimes let him walk around our feet while he rubs his face against them and cuddles – plus it is so cool how he responds immediately when we call out to him or anything. It is like my first time, being so close to a cat or feeling affectionate toward them. Like any cat I see now is the sweetest. I am rambling, as usual. (Hey Bandit!)


    That first outfit – the photograph between the walls – BOMB!