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Phuket Photo Diary Part 1

November 20, 2015

It’s been a little more than a week but I’m still reminiscing about my short stay in Phuket. We did all the touristy stuff, stuffed our faces with fresh seafood and slept about three hours a night, but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Phuket trip We got a great deal on The Crib hotel in Patong through booking.com, the location was walking distance from Bangla Road and Patong Beach so we got to explore our neighbourhood on foot. We got lost once, and it started to pour down but there were hawkers selling plastic raincoats and umbrellas around every corner. We finally found refuge in a mall that turned out to be right next to our hotel is all worked out well. To be fair the place is pretty small so you can’t stay lost for long. Our neighbourhood was super busy and loud with a mall, markets, loads of restaurants, tattoo shops, convenience stores and a gigantic boxing stadium too. We loved it, it reminded me a lot of India and it was fun exploring the local restaurants and shops. Plus, everything was nearby- ATMs, supermarkets, pharmacies, even Thai massage parlours (that specified no sex on their signs). thai prawn stir fry The walk to Patong beach wasn’t very eventful, I noticed they have more tattoo shops than any city I’ve ever been to and there were lots Indian restaurants. The rain didn’t bother us too much because the cloud porn was totally worth it, the sky made an otherwise standard beach breathtaking. Patong beach Patong beach Patong beach Patong beach Patong beach Bangla Road I don’t have a lot of photos from Bangla Road because.. well if you’re sober enough to handle a fancy camera, you’re not doing Bangla Road right. By day, it’s a tourist shopping spot. By night, it’s this hedonistic circus with cheap alcohol buckets, live bands, djs, strippers, prostitutes and intoxicated tourists.
Bangla Road Thai Shrimp Omelette My favourite part of our holiday was the boat tour to Similan Islands. We didn’t book anything advance, our hotel arranged everything and all our trips included breakfast and lunch. I would recommend checking out the Similan islands over the other islands, they weren’t as crowded and we had the chance to enjoy our time without being rushed. Our guides were island locals and super friendly, the food was fantastic and we got to enjoy some snorkelling, swimming and jungle trekking. Thai breakfast Boat trip to Similan Islands Boat trip to Similan Islands Boat trip to Similan Islands Boat trip to Similan Islands Similan islands Similan islands Similan islands Similan islands Thai lunch at Similan Islands Thai lunch at Similan Islands Similan islands Similan islands Similan islands Our last stop on the Similan boat tour was Honeymoon beach, which we had to trek through the jungle on our own to find. It was so beautiful, swimming here was heavenly thanks to that stunning horizon. DSC00887 DSC00898 Honey It rained heavily on the boat ride back to the port, it was basically a very wet day but we still managed to get sun burnt. I’m rocking a tan that is about five shades darker than my usual skin colour and I love it- but make sure you always have your sunscreen and mosquito repellent handy.

More photos coming soon!

P.S. My beach over up is a mesh dress from a local designer in Dubai who sells his designs at Ripe Market in Barsha park.



  • The pictures are amazing. With winter and snow being here, I really wish to go somewhere warm!

    Cookies, Chaos & C’est la Vie

  • Cloud porn! You are certainly right, it did make for some glorious and pretty clouds! The food looks amazing too and those butt chairs are hilarious!!