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Let’s talk about Lush, baby

November 2, 2015

There are certain events that make me so happy to be a blogger, and this recent Lush event had me gushing for about a week. We got to make bath bombs, try out new products and cult favorites, PETA was there, and the Lush staff are just so amazing. They also had an art installation on the floor that was breathtaking, I spent a good 10 minutes mesmerised. I was on a Lush high after I left the event and then I opened the goody bag…. ah, it was a good day to be a blogger.

lush uae lush uae This needs to be mine! I am getting my hands on Cup ‘O Coffee as soon as it’s back in stock- this stuff smells AMAZING! I’m not even a coffee drinker but I think this scrub would be the perfect way to start the day.
lush uae I’m currently using the Baked Alaska soap and apart from the delightful psychedelic print, it smells great and has a fresh, clean scent. lush uae lush uae lush uae I am so intrigued by these little bars on a stick- they’re actually hot oil treatments! Tangled is a rosewood and ylang ylang treatment that you slowly add hot water to until it turns creamy. You apply it to dry hair for 20 minutes and it detangles and conditions. *Adds to never ending Lush wish list lush uae lush uae lush uae lush uae lush uae A sparkly bubble bar? SOLD. Check them out here. lush uae Nightwing is this magical jiggly fruit jelly thing to cleanse skin and hair, you can store it in the fridge for an extra morning pick me up effect.  It contains aloe vera, lime juice jelly and Vit E for a skin softening effect and it smells lovely.  lush uae lush uae The art installation had “The Experimenter” projected on the floor, it was so magical! I highly recommend watching it here.

lush uae
lush uae lush uae lush uae lush uae lush uae lush uae lush uae I’m also using Seanik right now and I love it! It’s basically a shampoo bar that contains seaweed to soften hair and sea salt to give it body. I don’t know about the body part (big hair, naturally) but it leaves my hair squeaky clean and soft without over drying, and it lathers up quickly. I’m definitely taking it on my next trip, it’s easier to travel with and you can break off a piece instead of carrying the whole thing.

So, yeah, the Lush addiction continues 🙂 Do you have any Lush recommendations?

You can shop for Lush products online on their website, they deliver to India as well.

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  • I LOVE lush! They have amazing things and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell of the store, so fresh!

    Cookies, Chaos & C’est la Vie

    • I agree, everything I’ve bought from their stores has been amazing, never disappointed by them!