Dear Kate: Stress Free Underwear

March 20, 2014

Ok, so here’s a topic I have never covered in all my years of blogging. Sure, I’ve blogged about lingerie before but I don’t remember ever typing the words “that time of the month”. I’m going to be as classy and discreet as possible, but I really hope none of my guy friends are reading this (this is a TMI post, man. Go away!).

So, that time of the month can be pretty crappy. Feeling bloated, ugly and uncomfortable becomes an everyday thing and I have to think twice about what I’m going to wear. A) It has to be comfortable, b) it has to be accident proof.

There are a few things that always make me feel better: a bright manicure to cheer me up and make me feel pretty, lots of soothing tea and my favourite scented candles while I chill on the couch, some yummy chocolate, catching up with my fave magazines and blogs, and extra cuddles with my cats.

Dear Kate underwear Lingerie

And now, I can add this to the list:

Dear Kate underwear Lingerie
Never heard of Dear Kate? I hadn’t either but I am so glad they contacted me. When they say revolutionary, they’re not kidding. Dear Kate founder, chemical engineer Julie Sygiel, developed the super soft fabric that is wicking, stain releasing, and leak-resistant. Apart from the fact that I love supporting women entrepreneurs, I am also more than happy to support a company that is size inclusive, Dear Kate makes beautiful yet functional underwear for straight size and plus size women.

I’m a sucker for aesthetics, and I find everything about Dear Kate super chic- the branding, packaging and the product design itself . I chose the Queen Rosa brief full in black because I prefer the high waisted look, but there are loads of styles to choose from. The fabric is extremely soft and while it appears to be a little thicker than most underwear fabric, it’s feels light weight and isn’t bulky at all. Comfort wise, they are amazing. Amazing. They feel luxurious, breathable and are in no way restrictive.

Dear Kate underwear Lingerie
Comfort aside, they really do work. While I don’t do sports or anything extreme, I’ve worn these with everything from a white maxi dress to mint shorts at the beach. I can wear whatever I want without giving it a second thought, I definitely do not miss having to visit the ladies room regularly, or asking my friend if there’s anything on my skirt every time I get up. I’d recommend reading this to learn more about the technology behind it all.

Dear Kate underwear Lingerie
With prices ranging between 30$ – 40$, I know they’re a little more than what most of us would prefer to spend on underwear, but I think they are worth the investment and you definitely get what you pay for. I initially considered them a luxurious purchase but after trying them, they’re a necessity in my books.

There is literally no excuse for granny panties any more, and let’s face it, who wouldn’t jump at the chance for one less stress, especially during that time of the month.

I’m 100% sure that you if try Dear Kate, you will love their products too. Feel free to use the discount code weesha to get yourself a pair, the code gives all new customers 25% off through March 31st. They also have a 20% off code for anyone who signs up for their newsletter, and make sure you like them on Facebook to stay on top of any other offers they might have in the future!















            • Excellent quality
            • Pretty design
            • Very comfortable
            • Soft fabric that feels amazing
            • 100% effective, absolutely does work.


            • Expensive
            • Limited color options
            • Only available for purchase online (international)