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Beautiful Underwater Portraits of Cancer Warriors

January 15, 2014

Photographer Erena Shimoda created the stunning project known as Underwater Healer – About Face in order to give her 10 cancer survivor subjects a new perspective on their mental and physical insecurities:

“Underwater portrait sessions provide an unique opportunity for people to confront physical and mental challenges – things such as feeling lost after a mastectomy and chemotherapy, fear of water, or physical limitations due to cerebral palsy. In the water, people rediscover their beauty, strength and capability. I love seeing my clients’ glowing faces and smiles when they see their photographs. One person said she felt ‘magically beautiful. “

Apart from the beautiful imagery, Erena Shimoda did an amazing job of showcasing the spirit behind her inspirational subjects. From serenity, happiness and strength, the range of emotions captured in these images display the truest sense of human beauty.

erenashimodaunderwaterhealer3Izumi Hirayama, Breast Cancer Survivor

erenashimodaunderwaterhealer4 Nicki Curns Kominek, Hodgkin’s Disease Survivor

erenashimodaunderwaterhealer5 Emily Morrison, Brain Tumor Fighter

erenashimodaunderwaterhealer9 Bernadette Leno, Breast Cancer Survivor

erenashimodaunderwaterhealer12 Steve Melen, Stomach Cancer Survivor

erenashimodaunderwaterhealer10 Erica Yee, Breast Cancer Survivor

erenashimodaunderwaterhealer2 Duwenavue Sante’ Johnson, Breast Cancer Survivor

erenashimodaunderwaterhealer1 Lisa Smith, Breast Cancer Survivor

To learn more about the amazing stories of the survivors in these pictures and the photographer, visit Erena Shimoda’s website.