Lazy Weekend

January 14, 2014

New Look Inspire sid split chiffon maxi dress, Forever 21 Plus cardigan, Parfois boots, Michael Kors Selma studded

Parfois brown ankle boots with buckle

New Look Inspire sid split chiffon maxi dress, Forever 21 Plus cardigan, Parfois boots, Michael Kors Selma studded New Look Inspire Chiffon side split maxi dress (now on Sale btw) / Forever 21 Plus cardigan (similar) / Boots from ParfoisMichael Kors Chain Bracelet Chronograph Watch / MICHAEL Michael Kors Handbag

Ok, so 2nd lesson to be learnt from shooting videos: always check for tags sticking out! It’s painful when you notice only while you’re editing your video, gah!

This was a really laid back outfit, perfect for chilling at home and a coffee date. The maxi is usually my go to summer maxi dress, I usually end up wearing it with a denim vest or blazer and I was really looking forward to styling it with a fuzzy cardigan and ankle boots. I like the whole wind blown chiffon effect too!



  • Denise D’Souza

    Love the pink & grey combo! Did you buy the dress online?

    • thank you! I got it from their Ibn Battuta branch, it’s on sale now too!

      • Denise D’Souza

        You’ll know where I’ll be this weekend 😉

        • lol! don’t miss the shoe section, I saw some cute stuff too x

          • Denise D’Souza

            Thanks for the heads up… now i just need to find a way to drag the hubby across the city :p

          • You can check the Dubai Mall store too, I’m not sure if they have it but if you go there, Forever 21 Plus also has a bunch of stuff on sale- added bonus 😀

          • Denise D’Souza

            I dragged him to Deira City Centre (the closest to where we live) to F21 last weekend. Bought a very cute faux leather jacket from F21+ and a semi-sparkly sweatshirt 🙂 – not on sale haha

          • I didn’t know they had a plus section in DCC yay! I’ve not been too impressed with their new stuff lately, tempted to just shop online but I picked up a few pairs of jeans and tops for like 40 aed on sale. It was a little crazy though, I was all “ok, it’s a forever 21 sale not a Marc Jacobs or something”. Shoes were flying everywhere!

          • Denise D’Souza

            They’ve had it ever since F21 revamped their store. They’re now where Woolworths used to be.. the plus section doesn’t have the best of stuff – as compared to Dubai Mall… but I did manage to pick these up. The stuff on sale was really depressing, so I didn’t even bother to look. Haha! I can only imagine! I do the same thing!!

          • lol! Ok, I will stay out of your way if I ever run into you during a sale!

  • You look soooo pretty, as always 🙂 I like how the pink complements your hair.
    I know what you mean about videos. When I came to the other room after shooting my intro vid, my mom noticed I had lipstick on my teeth! I almost wanted to say screw it but she encouraged me to check the footage & it was VERY visible, even on the camera’s LCD. I had already changed, but luckily not removed me makeup so I could redo it.

    • aw thank you! and omg, at least you have a mom who is helpful! The bf shoots the videos and doesn’t notice all these things, it’s so frustrating. I guess we’ll just check our reflections a little more before we shoot 🙂

      • Oh my mom shoots my outfit photos & it’s a mess. I suppose I should be thankful that she’s doing it at all, she has no photography background/interest & I can be bossy. It’s hard to sort of be on both sides of things but we’ll find a way 🙂

        • Yeah, that’s really sweet of her 🙂 it takes me half an hour to teach my folks how to take a pic on their phone camera let alone an slr. And it always ends with me getting a head ache, you’re definitely lucky! But I know what you mean, the bf says I’m a perfectionist only when he’s taking pictures haha.

  • I love that dress! So pretty and girly, and flowy… <3

    I bought some 'african' fabric yesterday wierdly enough, which as soon as I saw it, i thought I'd make a strapless maxi dress out of it with a tie-up belt.

    • Thanks love! and african prints are so gorgeous, again I’m so jealous of your dress making skills!

      • Well, if it’s any comfort, I joined a sewing class two weeks ago, and I’m not sure my teacher thinks I’m that good! LOL. We get lost in translation! She keeps using words I don’t understand, LOL. (It’s obvious spanish isn’t my stronger language, lol). I’m making a skirt in my sewing class. I’d say it’s kind of ‘sarong-inspired’. Kind of. (Based on a pattern in a sewing magazine, not my design). My first ‘proper’ bit of ‘dress-making’, LOL. I’ll be posting about it when it’s done! LOL Seriously though, it’s not that hard. Think of the pieces of fabric as if they were the pieces of a puzzle, a 3D puzzle perhaps, and you just put them together in the right order, and hey presto! 🙂 he he

  • This is so gorgeous, LuAnne!

    I’ve chosen this to be one of my “What I Love” looks for this week. I hope you’ll keep an eye out on my blog today.