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Rediscovering Lakmé Make Up

December 23, 2013

If you’re Indian, you definitely know about Lakmé cosmetics, they’re synonymous with generations of Indian beauty. Every trip to India included a shopping spree at the local markets with my cousins and aunties, and we would always end up buying cheap Lakmé kajals and “foundations” that were really just tinted moisturisers that made me look yellow.

In Dubai, I’ve only ever seen little bits of Lakmé make up shoved in a corner of Indian grocery stores, it’s always pretty inexpensive and offers the usual kajal or kohl pencils ( most Indian girls first rite of passage into make up) and a questionable selection of outdated powders and foundations.

This time though, I was shopping in Carrefour at Mall of Emirates, and as usual, I ended up in the make up aisle hovering over drug store make up counters, eye balling stuff I do not need. This is usually accompanied with my phone vibrating on silent because the man is wondering where the hell I disappeared to while he turned away for a second to buy cheese. I’m usually too busy swatching lipsticks to notice.

Anyway, this was the first time I had ever seen a proper Lakmé counter, there was a huge selection of lipsticks, lip glosses, foundations, eye make up, etc. Everything was shiny and metallic, and I always get lured into the Lakme web because an Indian brand would create the best make up for Indian skin, right?

Before I show you what I bought, here’s a little history about Lakmé (thanks Wikipedia!):

The brand was named after the opera Lakmé, which is the French adaptation of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth who was famous for her beauty. According to Wikipedia, Lakmé was created in 1952 when former Indian Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, was concerned about Indian women spending precious foreign exchange on beauty products, and personally requested JRD Tata, an Indian business tycoon, to manufacture them in India.

Now the goodies!

This jewel tone eye quad was the first thing that caught my eye, the colours are gorgeous and rich, I particularly love the green, it’s beautiful in person- lots of sultry shimmer.

The packaging is pretty crap, it’s like something my mom had in her drawer in the 80s. But for 40 aed, who cares?

lakme eye shadow pallette lakme eye shadow pallette

Weesha wears Lakme eyeshadow palette

I used the gold on my inner eye lid and the green as a base. I created the v shape with the rose hue. I didn’t use a primer but I think the colour pay off is great and the staying power was decent.

Weesha wears Lakme eyeshadow palette


There were rows of beautiful lip glosses and lipsticks, mostly in pinks and browns but after a good 30 minutes of swatching, I wanted them all. The colours were extremely flattering on my skin tone, you’re bound to find the perfect nude or berry lipstick. I left with two matte lipsticks- Bridal Dream and Peach Carnation. They weren’t as cheap as the eye shadow quad, 68 aed for each, but they’re worth the price. They’re more creamy than matte and can be worn sheer or layered for more colour. They also stay on pretty well and fade to a tint.

lakme lipsticks in Dubai

I’m pretty happy with my purchases, especially the eye shadow palette. Beautiful shades, great colour pay off and affordable prices- I know I’ll be hovering over the Lakmé counter again instead of the cereal aisle!