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BeauCoo: Where Shopping meets Body Positivity

December 5, 2013

Beaucoo app

I’m not sure if you’you’ve heard of BeauCoo yet but I’ve been using the app for a while now, and I love their videos in The Stories Project so I’I’m pretty sure you’ll be just as into them as I am.

BeauCoo is basically an app you can download on to your phone to join their community of fashionistas.  The aim is to promote body positivity and help women shop and share style inspiration, no matter what their size is.

Here’s why I think it’s worth checking out:

It’s proof that women of all sizes have style: When you log on to most look book websites or apps, you would not be blamed for thinking anyone above a size 10 is a figment of the fashion world’s imagination. I kid you not, I log on to these sites and think “is everyone on here a freaking model?!” My point is if you’re into style at every size, or you know, reality, you’ll love BeauCoo.

It’s not just for fashion bloggers:  You have ladies posting pictures from a dressing room, their bedrooms, at work, etc. It’s not only fashion bloggers sharing their outfits; it’s kind of like people watching at a mall only everyone is dressed their best and showing off their new shoes or favourite jeans.

  beaucoo app

It’s super quick and easy:  If you don’t have time to run a fashion blog, this is pretty much the next best thing.  You can take a quick photo with your phone and upload it on to the BeauCoo app. People can follow you, ‘Like’ or ‘Want’ your outfit posts and leave nice comments too.

It’s a fun resource for shopping: Everyone shares the brand and store location their outfits are from along with a short review. You can also categorize the post in to: Top, Bottom (skirts, pants), Full Body (dresses, jumpsuits).  When you ‘Want’ a post, you’re basically creating a wish list for pay day!

BeauCoo works on your phone and laptop: So you can get your fashion fix while lying in bed or when you’re “working”. Currently, you can only upload photos from your phone but you’ll be able to upload photos from their website soon.

Find outfits in your size: When you sign up, you can enter your dimensions (they keep it confidential) and when you upload a look, you can mention the size of the item you’re wearing. This makes their Fit Match option a convenient way to filter looks that are posted by women of the same size as you. I finally saw what that Forever 21+ leather skort looks like on my body type (awesome FYI).

  beaucoo app

Expand your reach: If you’re a blogger, you have a whole new audience to spread your message of style and body positivity to. Plus, it’s quick, there’s no spam, I haven’t seen any negative comments and you don’t have to stress about an amazing post title (I can’t be the only one who goes crazy over this). I’ve addressed the issue of directing traffic to bloggers’ websites and BeauCoo have said that it’s something they are looking into.

It’s a Community, not a Competition:  Everyone gets their own place in the stream of outfits displayed, there’s no popularity algorithm. And because BeauCoo users are so diverse, you get to see a lot more personal style. It’s not about who’s wearing the latest trends or the most expensive bag, which is awesome because in all honesty, that’s the side of fashion blogging that sucks.

You’re supporting a body positive brand: How awesome is it that someone had so much faith in the message and power of body positivity that they worked their butt off to create this amazing app+ site? I just love the passion and commitment displayed by the BeauCoo team and I hope more entrepreneurs see value in promoting self-love and sisterhood.


You can check out the BeauCoo website here, and you can download the app for Iphone or Android. Let me know what you think of it and follow me too! Also, they’ve recently launched Shop BeauCoo, make sure it’s on your shopping radar.

*This post was sponsored by BeauCoo but all thoughts and opinions are my own.





  • I love the idea of this page, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out how it works, or how to upload photos, or how to find people, or ANYTHING!