Links I Love: 11/17/13

November 17, 2013



Source: Photoshop in Real Life, Artist Imagines Applying Photoshop Filters to Herself

A Laundry bag/ punching bag would be a fun addition to my house.

These parents set up the cutest project to preserve their kids wild imagination

Dear Mum: a collection of letters from Australian sporting stars, musicians, models, cooks and authors revealing what they would like to say to their mothers before it’s too late, or would have said if only they’d had the chance. Here’s an excerpt:

“I learned that women must be thin to be valid and worthy. Girls must go without because their greatest contribution to the world is their physical beauty. Just like you, I have spent my whole life feeling fat. When did fat become a feeling anyway? And because I believed I was fat, I knew I was no good”

Read the rest of this touching letter here.

Another tumblr filled with kittens and  male models in similar poses. (via Aseya)



This makes me hug my pets a little tighter. So sad yet beautiful..

I am the kind of person who goes home and changes if this ever happens to me. THERE IS ONLY ONE WEESHA *diva hair flip”.

Beautifully written human stories on CNN: a rape in 1972 that changed(?) India, Saving Aesha, and iraq’s Baby Noor.

An alternate ending to Breaking Bad: It was all Hal’s dream.

A response to “What is ‘rape culture’ anyway? I’m tired of hearing about it.”

Another beautifully written piece that made me tear up: I Went from a Promising Journalist to a Knocked up, Unmarried Waitress.

Make sure you watch this until the end 🙂

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