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#TreatYourself A Nourishing Milk Bath at Sheba Beauty Lounge

October 29, 2013

Sheba Beauty Lounge Dubai

When I hear “milk bath”, I immediately think of Cleopatra lounging around in a gold bath tub filled with milk. And Charlize Theron:


While I wasn’t as fabulous and elegant as the Evil Queen (left my crown at home, damnnit!) I did feel like royalty for a few hours.
If the idea of a luxurious massage and a bath filled with rose petals sounds like a good way to start your weekend, read on:

After getting the usual spa formalities out of the way, I had a few minutes to take in the general ambience of Sheba Beauty Lounge. It’s quite clear that the entire spa was designed to be very organic and natural, it felt luxurious but not pretentious. I loved their use of stone and wood elements, and I was even more impressed when I learnt that the owner of the spa designed every detail herself.

Sheba Beauty LoungeSheba Beauty Lounge

My visit to the changing rooms was the only disappointing part of my experience. The space was really small and dark, changing behind a curtain next to the lockers really wasn’t ideal. And my robe wasn’t free size so I had to cover up with a towel underneath it.
However, I forgot all about the changing rooms once I entered my treatment room. The bath area was covered in rose petals and surrounded by tea light candles, it was so pretty!

 ( all images courtesy of Sheba Beauty Lounge)

My therapist, Nazli, performed a welcome ritual that involves a blend of  touch and aromatic scents to promote tranquillity and relaxation. This was followed by an invigorating exfoliation with a fruity peel to remove dead skin cells and prepare my skin for all the fancy pampering that lay ahead, I was then cocooned up from neck to toe in order to let a body activator gel do it’s magic for about 20 minutes. It gets quite warm but not uncomfortable. My skin felt really smooth after this and smelled delicious, like peaches!
I then got to chill out in the hot tub filled with flowers and Tranquillity Oil, which is a combination of amaranth, grape and rose oil. It had the works- soothing lights and powerful jets that made it more of a hydro massage treatment- definitely my favourite part. I spent 20 minutes in there, sipping refreshing cold water with a dash of lemon, wondering how I could get one of these tubs for my home.
After I (reluctantly) got out of the bath, I could really feel the effects of the bath+ massage combination. I felt every muscle in my body and could have easily taken a nap. But there was more pampering ahead in the form of a heavenly body massage with a Tranquillity Oil based moisturiser to seal and hydrate the benefits of the lovely bath experience.

Sheba Beauty Lounge Dubai
( images courtesy of Sheba Beauty Lounge)

My skin was incredibly smooth, I kept touching my arm the rest of the night because I loved how soft my skin was. But more importantly, I felt amazingly relaxed.

At the end of it all, I relaxed in the lounge area with some ginger tea, and had a little chat with Nazli about the spa. I have to say, her passion for what she does is admirable, Not only was she professional and super friendly, she also went out of her way to make sure I was completely at ease throughout my milk bath experience.

I would definitely recommend a visit to Sheba Beauty Lounge, they offer an extensive list of beauty treats from facials to fun nail art and Brazillian blow outs. They also have a list of Maternity Body Care treatments and offer customized beauty services with organic and chemical free products. Check out their spa menu and website for more information.

Until next time x