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Please don’t judge me, but I placed another Asos order.

October 24, 2013

Now, before you read any further, I only went back to the website to purchase the peach version of the blue midi skirt. I’m not one of those ‘buy it in every colour’ people but I really love that damn skirt. Who knew scuba could wrap it’s stretchy and super flattering claws around my heart like that?

So yeah, I went in with good intentions. I also blame Asos, my last order was perfection, everything fit amazingly well and I was so happy. I would like to add something about enjoying that retail induced high but I really don’t want to sound like I need rehab ( even though I might).

So here’s what I picked up this time around.

Asos midi skirt

I purchased the Asos midi skirt in peach in a size UK 16 this time because it’s quite stretchy. I just needed another one in my life, I could make up some crap to justify this purchase but it’s as simple as that. And it has pockets, remember?

asos curve denim shorts with crochet lace

Asos Curve denim shorts with crochet lace: these were on sale for a mere 14 pounds, and I have plans (dreams) to travel in the next few months. Picture me wearing these with a white shirt, tan Grecian sandals and over sized sunglasses, enjoying cocktails in Santorini after a long day of shopping and seafood indulgence.  I always dream of the outfits I’m wearing in each travel scenario.

asos curve belt

Asos Curve chunky belt: Because I just needed a basic belt.

asos curve dress with asymetrical hem

I’ve been hovering over this Asos Curve dress with asymmetrical hem for a while, I abandoned it at my last purchase because I was sticking to a budget (so much for that) and I figure it was meant to be because I was still lusting over it. I think it’s pretty chic and effortless, no? It would look nice with a big statement necklace and sexy ankle strap pumps.

love cuff

You must have noticed my obsession with typography jewelry and although I have plenty of accessories stating my strong belief in the word, I can never have enough. Plus, this Asos Love cuff and bracelet helped get free next day delivery. yay!

There you have it! To be fair, it’s not a very long list and once again, I’m sorry for yet another enabling post but who doesn’t love whispering about guilty shopping sprees? We should have a Skype date about this!

Until next time 🙂