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Links I Love 10/2/13

October 2, 2013




Oh curly girl woes.

Brilliant stuff- 10 Easy Things That Will Make You Happier, Backed By Science!

Why Fitspiration isn’t so inspirational.

Because I’m still depressed about Breaking Bad, I LOVE this

Oh Bryan Cranston, how far you’ve come, lol!

Kaelah shared some beautiful office space inspiration, so chic!

“We have so much already. If you are reading the internet you already have the luxury of time in your life to do so. You probably have a roof, clean water, enough food to eat, and clothes on your back. You are already in a position to help.”-  Tara Stiles

My fellow cat ladies, I present to you: Catleidoscope. Wheee!



A toilet themed restaurant? WTF?.

Did you know France banned beauty pageants for young girls?

Beautiful illustrations explaining mental Illnesses. You’ll love this if you love Where The Wild Things Are 🙂

“You know, I don’t define myself exclusively through my relationships with other people. I’ve loved being a wife and a mother.  And I take those roles very seriously.  But there are other things in my life that are important to me and other things that I did before I became a wife and a mother. Someday I might be a widow and someday my parents will die.  But I’ll still be here and it’s important that I have other things in my life that I love.”- You Are Not Defined Exclusively By Your Relationships With Other People.

All I want this winter is a beautiful pink coat! 3 Ways To Wear A Pink Coat

I am 37.0 Miley Cyrus’s tongues tall, or 2.47 Danny DeVitos tall, or 74 cheetos tall, or 24.7 strips of bacon tall, get the picture.

I need this killer Frida Kahlo necklace in my life.

Hilarious and creepy all at once:

Currently watching Vice’s documentary about three teenage exorcists from Phoenix, Arizona:

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