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September 3, 2013

The bf was supposedly adjusting the settings on his camera. Uh huh. I really don’t know what I was doing with my face and I really hope this is not what I usually look like when I’m lost in thought (which if often) or think that nobody is watching me.

Oh well.

Feel free to caption as you please!

Until next time x



  • Savannah NOT Banana

    hahaha that's so cute. that's my "it's so damn hot in Dubai face" which is pretty much my face 24/7

  • hehe yeah I'm a freak of nature here, the heat hardly ever gets to me but I freeze at like 25 degrees. Now I'm worried this really is my normal face apart from my bitchy-resting face syndrome.

  • SeptemberWildRose

    First image –> I'm looking at some rash driving/ impending accident..
    Second image –> Things are just not happening as I expect them to.. Ooof!


  • rash driving/ impending accident is legit considering we have the worst drivers over here!

  • SeptemberWildRose

    Oh no, believe me the worst ones are in Kwt on the gulf road! 😀

  • Ais

    First image: Oh my god, that was close, that bus almost squashed the guy on the bike.
    Second image: Spoke too soon, that's going to leave a mark. Oof.

    I take my own shots and still get faces like this, LOL!

  • hahaha! You have no idea how apt this is for Dubai drivers!

  • really? oh my, I can't even imagine that. Having said that, we get lots of Saudi drivers here and they terrify me!

  • Roanna Fernandes