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Links I Love- 9/19/13

September 19, 2013


13-year-old Sushma Verma begins her master’s in microbiology. The 13-year-old girl from a poor family in north India has enrolled in a master’s degree in microbiology, after her father sold his land to pay for some of his daughter’s tuition.

Thanks to POSE for listing Weesha’s World as one of the Top 5 Must- Real Blogs in Dubai, YAY!

Cassandra shared her path to self acceptance and I think we can all definitely identify with her.

How to Respectfully Date a Fat Girl. A must read.

The Best Response To A Catcall Ever!

Lies My Makeup Packaging Told Me really makes you think how much marketing language affects our self esteem.

Cat will always win:

How do feel about going grey when we’re older? This makes me feel like it’s pretty and badass.

If you’re feeling a bit shitty about yourself lately, you might want to bookmark this list of 10 way to get over it.

“But until we can accept these role models without a racial modifier preceding their accomplishments, please don’t ask me to be proud.”- Why I’m Not Proud an Indian-American Is Miss America

You know how we’re always being told to act a certain way to get guys to like us? Yeah, it’s bs. Just be yourself, here’s proof.

article-2282764-1831F32F000005DC-818_964x641 The shocking images of Hong Kong’s slum apartments. “They’re no bigger than a toilet cubicle”.

I’m totally guilty of saying sorry too much! 23 Things Every Woman Should Stop Doing

I thought this was only an Eastern thing, sadly I guess  not. I hate it when people ask when I’m going to get married and act like I’m past my ‘prime’ age: 26, Unmarried, and Childless.

Because I think happiness is puppies:

And finally, here’s our reminder for today!


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