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Links I Love- 9/10/13

September 10, 2013


Oseola McCarty a cleaning lady who from working all her life accumulated great savings, donated to the  University of Southern Mississippi $150,000 for a student scholarship program. “I want to help somebody’s child go to college, I’m giving it away so that the children won’t have to work so hard, like I did.” source

Here’s your cuteness overload- dogs who sleep funny!

Such an awesome DIY, I wish I could be Merida for Halloween!

Natalie’s galaxy print is so gorgeous.




A woman calling herself “Diana, the hunter of bus drivers” is murdering rapists in Juarez.

This was such an interesting read: What I Learnt From Shagging A Younger Man

8 year old Rawan died of injuries on her wedding night in Yemen. Her husband was more than five times her age.

Sarla Thakral, First Woman Pilot of India – Late 1930’s (source)5

Stop Asking My Daughter to Give You a Kiss.

Did anyone else watch Are You Afraid of the Dark as a kid? The Ghastly Grinner and Dollmaker still haunt me!

Amanda shows us that fat girls can wear stripes and look amazing.

“To my daughter I will say,
‘See your beauty
without a compliment
or a mirror.’”

‘Blind’ by Della Hicks-Wilson

The Business of Fast Fashion:

“Every year, the clothing industry produces 2 million tons of waste, emits 2.1 million tons of carbon dioxide, and uses 70 million tons of water; these figures have significantly risen in the years since Fast Fashion became a retailing standard. To make matters worse, the quality of these garments is typically so low that most are discarded or donated to charity by the wearer within two years of the original purchase.”- Created by


And finally, my new motto about judgmental idiots in my life:



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