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Links I Love 8/6/13

August 7, 2013


Directed by Carine Roitfeld. and photographed by Karl Lagerfield, Harper Bazaar’s feature, titled Singular Beauties, is designed to be an homage to the diversity of women.

What is wrong with some people? Seriously. What Happened When My Son Wore A Pink Headband To Walmart

“People just need some good old-fashioned will power. This myth is so ingrained in our culture that it’s assumed that a person with a fat body is lazy and undisciplined which can lead to discrimination in employment opportunities and by health care professionals.”- Five lies the weight loss industry wants you to believe

Sally is hosting a giveaway!

Plus size magazine Skorch released their 90’s Realness Issue. AMAZING. I’m totally going to start saying “as if” all over again!


This would be a cool mother-daughter project: Artist and Her Mother Create a Playful Lookalike Project

I really need a pair of Kiki Kisses in my life. #shoeporn, much?

The Ghost Rapes of Bolivia where the rapists were convicted but the crimes still continue.

Wendy wrote a lovely post about Getting Back to Being Awesome!

Anyone who can quote Orange is the New Black can automatically be considered my new BFF. Love this:


I think I need a chambray t-shirt too.

The woman who nearly died making your iPad

I’m really enjoying True Story Interviews on Yes and Yes.

79 Words You Might Be Mispronouncing: I am guilty of a few, especially etcetera.

And finally, here’s some wisdom to inspire us today.


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  • debiparna c

    i just read and commented on the harper's bazaar feature on nicolette mason's blog. don't you think gabourey's styling is completely half-assed?

  • yes I do! It's completely random and looks like they didn't put in any effort at all. I think it's probably what she showed up to the shoot in and they just threw the sari on her.