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Links I Love 8/23/13

August 23, 2013


I’m currently lusting over everything in the Kate Spade x Darcel collaboration.

Portraits of Albanian Women Who Have Lived Their Lives As Men.

Boots No.7 Ta Dah! campaign uses ‘real’ women and it’s beautiful!

If Disney princesses had Instagram.

This hits home so hard. Thanks to Caroline for sharing:

“Buying cheap bespoke outfits from Ghana’s many skillful tailors proves what Givenchy always knew – that clothes should fit our bodies, not the other way round” – Why Ghana is ahead of the curve

Instead of using traditional models, Diesel decided to find plus-size and androgynous looking models by word-of-mouth and Tumblr for their new ad campaign.

Author  Diggy DaCosta contacted me about his book, Boobie Trapped, He has taken the experiences and stories of the women he’s befriended and dated to create this guide so that men can better understand the ups and downs of being a busty woman.

The Palestinian Refugee who has become a doctor at 20 years old:

I was obsessed with Lisa Frank as a kid, who wasn’t?! I really enjoyed this behind the scenes tour of her office.

Have you heard of the new plus size brand Pink Clove?

This was both beautiful and informative: Nadine shared her emotional journey of returning to her natural hair texture.

Cuteness overload- yoga chihuahua!

And more dog videos- meet Dobbs and  Leelu of Dog Thoughts. NSFW but hilarious!

Finally, here’s your friendly reminder for today:tumblr_mocifwc5gH1rn2lxeo1_500