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Links I Love: 7/9/13

July 9, 2013

Wise words from Tina Fey.

This powerful Women’s Aid Video starring Keira Knightley gave me chills.

Heartbreaking read about Yasmine El Baramawy’s trauma during the Arab Spring. I admire her bravery for speaking out.

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A printed jacket and gold shorts? I never thought of that! It looks pretty fab.

Sally from Already Pretty wrote about Body Positivity and Figure Flattery coexisting. Tricky subject but something I think about everyday.

Bianca looks smoking hot in her thigh highs!

Nerdy Dirty – Illustrations for Nerds in Love. So cute!

How adorable is Gracey’s orange brooch? and I love her striped dress!

Cool Chicks from History is an awesome blog.

Just Shoot Me is in a summer mood and she looks so glamorous!

10 Radical Art Projects That Celebrate Women’s Bodies (NSFW)

Hehe, this image makes me giggle. You’ll never guess what’re they’re trying to do!

A fabulous way to style cobalt blue shorts, love it!

Did you see the photographs of my first ever styling gig? Constructive criticism is welcome!

Because everybody needs a “ Fuck It:” ring. .

Plus size model, Robyn Lawley, debuted a swimwear collection to flatter curves. The designs look beautiful but I wish sizes weren’t only from 8 to 18. Check it out here on Madison Plus Select.

And just a friendly reminder:

“When you discover you can be your greatest fan, you abandon the habit of begging for approval from others”- Rafael Vidac

Have a great day!



  • Bianca K. Vaccarini

    Thanks for including me dear! Glad you liked the outfit hehe it was a bit risque for me but I love it!

  • debiparna c

    i loved all these links! i think a lot about body positivity and flattery co-existing, and i believe it does exist you know. i loved the way she wrote about it. it is essentially knowing and understanding (and also loving but that can come as a process) your body and dress accordingly.

  • Bianca K. Vaccarini

    Great mashup of awesome looks!