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Links I Love 7/16/13

July 16, 2013


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An Open Letter To The Fat Girl got me thinking. I might have a daughter one day, and she might inherit my body shape. What would I say to her and how would I deal with that? Let me get back to you, because this thought terrifies me now.

Madly inspired by this print-tastic outfit. Absolute perfection.

I felt so enlightened after reading Ten Things I Have Learned.

Gaëlle looks gorgeous in her patriotic dress!

“I’m frustrated with the irresponsibility of tabloid media who sell the public ideas about what we should look like and how we should get there.” —  Scarlett Johansson, “The Skinny”

Naomi is having a £30 ASOS Giveaway!

I’m seriously considering switching to baking soda and apple cider vinegar after reading Why I Will Never Go Back To Using Commercialized Hair Products. My hair has been falling out like crazy, but I don’t know if managing curls would be easy with out conditioner.

Interesting thoughts after watching Are You Creatively Satisfied?  I’m not, it’s one of the reasons why I quit my job recently. But blogging here does help try to fix that need. What About You?

Two Minutes With TGD: Are You Creatively Satisfied? from The Great Discontent on Vimeo.

So jealous of Louise’s heart print bag, what a beauty!

Love this! Disney Princesses Reveal their Dark Sides.

I could not pull of a poodle purse, but I’m wishing I could.

“The devastating health disparities that black women experience in pregnancy and childbirth were not the doctor’s biggest concerns, however. She continued to tell me that black people don’t know anything about health and exercise so it’s not surprising that I’m fat and that black people have health problems and her mother was a big girl and she doesn’t want anyone to have the terrible life that her mother had. So, whenever she sees a “sista,” that’s why she stops them and asks “Whatchu doin’ ’bout some exercise today?” – Sirius Bonner, I was fat-shamed at an Afro-Centric Pregnancy Fair

Those leggings and those shoes, hotness!

Loved watching this: Kids React to Controversial Cheerios Commercial

And finally, just a little reminder:




  • Jennifer Barretto

    Loved reading Ten Things I Have Learned. So insightful and true. Great links.

  • SueWiorks

    Love the image on over and under valueing … so true!

  • debiparna c

    love both the quotes, creativity is what i desperately need to survive and not slip into a depressed comatose state. i was always fat but when i read these articles about kids getting incessantly taunted for their weight in school makes me feel grateful that i never had to go through it. i do not remember anybody bullying me for being chubby in school, barring one solitary incident where a supposed friend was "teasing in good nature" about hoe my blouse button will burst. it all started quite recently in college, the taunts not bullying. but i managed it after i dealt with the fact that these people were obnoxious. it was like finally realising what it is to be called fat by a whole bunch of people i have to hang out with for 2 whole years of my life, listening to shit like "beautiful face, chubby body", "i thought a boulder was sitting near my feet". people suck mostly. but not all do.

  • abou

    I'm in Canada, I read an article saying that the city of Dubaï have decided to give money prizes to people who would lose weight for a campaign against obesity. Knowing that you are very concerned by all the body image issues, I would like to know what you think about that ?
    Love your blog, continue like that.