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Links I Love 24/7/13

July 24, 2013

I would never be brave enough to share my passport  photo of my 15 year old self on Awkward Years Project. I had thick glasses, a  high pony tail in a scrunchie, these god awful costume jewelry earrings and an ugly striped top with a zip up collar.  And it’s been in my passport for the past 10 years, I can’t wait to get rid of it!

Rikke’s wearing some killer boots!

Kate talks about Why doesn’t anyone want to look like a mum?

“I’ve always dated bigger women. They’re who I find attractive, the same as some prefer blondes or women who are petite. Yet society says this is strange—well, I think that’s strange.” My Girlfriend Weighs More Than Me. So What?

I must try this, it looks so delicious!

Bodies are not public property that are open for commentary. Whether fat or skinny. Period. Why I Don’t Want You Telling Me I Look Better After I’ve Lost Weight

Saving this list for the boyfriend and I. 15 Inexpensive Things to do on the Weekend, While Saving Money and Living in an Apartment


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Sian looks amazing in her leopard print bikini.

A girl felt insecure about her body, so her boyfriend wrote her a sexy size positive letter. (NSFW)

I did not know any of this: 10 beauty cheats every girl should know

Eating Disorders Were Created Equal — So Why Don’t We Treat Them That Way?

So awesome to see that  GoldieBlox: The Engineering Toy for Girls received such an amazing response. Check out the story behind GoldieBlox:

And finally, I leave you with some wisdom.


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