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We were Never Told It Was Even An option

June 8, 2013




This makes me so sad. Why are we so dependent on being told, versus just believing?

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  • Diana Teodoro

    It is sad indeed that most women don't know how beautiful they are. My mom was always very confident and I believe that was why I was confident too, despite people constantly telling me I wasn't good enough cause of my weight. Now I can be an example for my little sister who's 12 (and unlike me looks like a VS model). I wear bikinis and show my flabby arms. I'm not hiding and that means I don't care.
    And I know you don't need me to tell you this, but I'll say it, you're gorgeous and a very talented blogger.
    Diana from

  • Nina

    I really liked this, I can totally relate to it. It has taken me years to believe that I am beautiful, but of coarse I still have my days where I have those thoughts of hating myself because of the years of being told I wasn't. But I think once you believe it without anyone telling you, no one can take that away because you know your beautiful no matter what anyone says. But yeah thanks for posting this! 🙂


  • Daniela

    i almost cried reading this because it is so true! whenever i have children i will let them know how gorgeous and talented they are!