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I Know Girls

May 14, 2013



You know how you sometimes need to look up to someone to feel better about yourself? It’s usually why we love the bloggers we love.  Well, I needed to learn about Mary Lambert from Her Colbert appearance with macklemore and I needed to Listen to her amazing music and especially, I Know Girls (Body Love). Goosebumps, Happiness and awe. Check out more of her music here.

Lots of love x



  • Nina

    Wow I totally agree about the blogger thing. But yeah i've never heard of her before but I really enjoyed the video you posted of her, I feel like i can totally relate to what she says, thanks for sharing it! 🙂


  • Sarah Springer

    I…wow. That was one of the most powerful things I think I've ever listened to, honestly. I am so glad that you shared this video. I'd never heard of her before, but I'm so glad I have now!
    (Also, I love the new header!)

  • Roza land

    i never heard her b4 she made me cry I lve her <3

  • love!!!!
    and the new blog layout is great!!!i haven't been here for a while!

  • Ashley Butler

    She is wonderful in person as well. She came out to get a drink after a show in Austin, Texas and we all stopped to tell her how lovely she is :).