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If I Were A Rich Girl: L.K.Bennett London by Caroline Issa:

April 9, 2013

TukTuk_Natural_AED 1,520

CassiaBlack_AED 1,630

Cherry_AED 1,630

Parrot_Black_AED 1,410Parrot_Natural_Pair_AED 1,410

TaccaNatural_2__AED 1,710


CassiaNatural_AED 1,630 (2)

TukTuk_Black_AED 1,520 (2)

“exclusively available from L.K.Bennett UAE locations: The Dubai Mall; Mirdif City Centre and Marina Mall Abu Dhabi from April 2013.”

For All my friends reading this, please note- my birthday is next month *cough cough*

Have a great day x




  • Daniela

    OMG these items are so beautiful! I can understand why you hinted out your birthday

  • Rebequita Rose

    I love all of those bags and shoes, except the beige ones with the thick 'strap' bit at the front. – If only I were a rich girl too, with the added bonus of dainty feet that would fit into thoes shoes! LOL