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Style Inspiration: Dreamy bedrooms

March 18, 2013

I’ve always been a bit of a décor junkie (it’s one of the reasons I chose to study interior design in uni, but that was a miss and a whole other story!). After a year of having my very own apartment, I’m finally happy with how it feels and looks, but I never knew what to do with my bedroom. Until now 🙂

My living room is one big bowl of bright colours, Indian prints, typography and knick knacks layered on top of classic, white furniture. So, I think I lean towards bohemian with a modern twist, maybe?

Anyway, my bedroom is still a work in progress but here’s a little inspiration for what I would love it to be. Let me know what you think!


Have a great day!




  • The room with all of the books. I imagine this with shoes instead haha. I love them all espeically the reddish one with the fireplace.

  • lol! I did too since I have more shoes than books 😛 I always get told off for showing off my shoes though. pfsh.

  • Love these! I chose a Moroccan theme for our bedroom, so some of these are definitely going into my inspiration folder. I'll love when we own our own home and can paint the walls.

  • That would be amazing! Not a lot of chances to own here in Dubai unless you're a millionaire, hopefully I'll move and be able to own my own house one day hehe