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New Purchases- Let’s Talk Make up!

February 25, 2013

Weesha's World

(what I now look like at 5 pm after a work day- unedited btw)

I truly struggle with finding the perfect foundation. I have strong yellow undertones. My face, neck and chest are 3 different shades and to add to my foundation woes, I also have super oily skin. Argh.

I’m always checking out various foundations in the hopes of finding the perfect one. Some look ashy, some are too pink, don’t last long enough, turn orange after an hour.. it’s an endless list.

I had found my holy grail with Bobbi Brown’s Natural Finish Long Lasting foundation, it was the perfect shade so I ignored the fact that it didn’t last long. But they’ve discontinued it and I’m not too crazy about it’s replacement ( Long- Wear Even Finish). Booooo.

So in my quest, I decided to check out Sephora for their recommendations.

This is what I left with.


Sephora Brightening & Hydrating foundation: When the sales girl asked me to try this, I was like, “erm, I have oily skin?”. I don’t touch anything that says “hydrating”. Turns out she knew what she was talking about.

a) Great coverage! it covered up all my acne scars and it doesn’t feel heavy or cakey

b) It’s matches my skin perfectly, they have a good selection of shades

c) It wasn’t matte, instead it  gave a glow without looking greasy.

d) It looked like my skin ( a better version of it)

e) It’s cheap! I paid somewhere between 60 to 80 dhs.


Sorry if I look sad, it’s just my face haha. Taking pics of yourself is weird.

I use the Sephora Mattifying Foundation (powder) to set everything and it’s fab. It doesn’t look cakey or give an overly matte finish, it look very natural in my opinion. This was also pretty affordable ( around 100 aed I think).

Finally, the bareMinerals Prime Time primer. This stuff is amazing!

a) I can immediately feel a difference in my skin texture, it’s more velvety and smooth.

b) it gives me a soft glow

c) it really does make my make up last for ages, my make up has been intact even after returning home at 4 am after a night of clubbing.

d) it’s a little pricey but I’ve never come across anything as good, so I will definitely repurchase.

e) It actually helps control oil and reduce acne. It’s totally working for me, no new break outs ever since *happy dance*

So there you have it, this is what I’m using and loving lately. These pictures are after a long day of work, dog walking and what not. That’s about 8 hours from when I first I applied my make up in the morning. My concealer fades a bit but I can live with that. If you have similar skin issues, it’s worth checking these products out!

Hope you’re having a great day!






  • Thanks for the recommendations! It's almost time to head back to Sephora myself for foundation and powder, and it sounds like we have very similar skin, so I will definitely be looking for my shade!

  • Great post L! I've never used a proper foundation, just powder but I've been meaning to venture into more serious makeup sometime. Sephora is supposed to be opening in Mumbai in a few months, so yay! 🙂

  • fatinthecity

    Thanks for the tips! I love Nars, but I think it's time for a change.