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Statement necklaces

January 21, 2013

New Look spiked hologram effect necklace

New Look spiked hologram effect necklace

Weesha's World ASOS Half Cross & Half Stone Collar Necklace

ASOS Half Cross & Half Stone Collar Necklace

Weesha's World lace collar Necklace

h & m lace, skulls and crosses collar necklace

Weesha's World ASOS Mixed Media Pastel Necklace

ASOS Mixed Media Pastel Necklace

I started loving jewelry when I was a preteen, the typical dolphins and butterflies stuff, and it was always silver. I remember having a huge collection of funky rings, hoop earrings, chunky bracelets and dainty necklaces with cute little pendants. As I grew up, I leaned towards statement earring and bangles. I used to love chandelier earrings and would stack up the bangles- multicolored, silver, gold, plastic, wood- I had them all! Up until 2 years ago, I wouldn’t think of leaving the house without a pair of earrings on but now I have to remind myself to put some jewelry on. Maybe it’s something to do with growing older but when it comes to accessorizing, I feel like less is more. Only when I say less, I kind of make up for it with one piece that is kind of OTT, especially necklaces! I mean, who doesn’t love a statement necklace right? They’re effortless and add such a POW! factor, put one on and you’re immediately ‘dressed’ up.

What’s your go to jewelry? A lot of my friends love their statement earrings and rings, and a few prefer to stick to everyday studs and a simple ring. I think, like clothes, it’s all about what makes you feel pretty and unique instead of what’s trendy right now!






  • What a killer collection! I love anything with spikes and studs!!

  • These are fabulous! I especially love the holographic spike one and the pearls/skulls/lace one. 🙂

  • ma preference va au 3 eme ;o)

    bonne semaine !14727ryhignm

  • cookieschaosncestlavie

    i love statement pieces. its that piece that just rounds off your outfit without being too overwhelming if you know what i mean! it just adds that ooompf! i love necklaces…rings i barely wear and earrings usually clash in my mind for some reason 🙂

  • Me too!!!!
    When I was younger everything had to be silver, now I tend to prefer gold. I don't accessorize too much now, but I do like wearing a statement piece or anything turquoise.. usually a necklace.
    My favorite pieces are: turquoise necklace that belongs to my mom, a gold statement necklace from H&M, and my gold peterpan collar bib 🙂

  • Siki-Lou

    I used to accessorize the crap outta my outfits when I was younger with long chains and big/long earrings. lol. Looking back, I think it was because I mostly wore plain, black clothes. Growing up and coming into my own I started to experiment with clothes and as I became braver with my fashion choices and wearing what I wanted to wear my need/want to accessorize decreased! Now I love statement clip-on earrings I thrift and a statement piece here and there but like you mentioned, nothing compared to what I used to wear! 🙂