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Pleats are a fat girl no-no

January 31, 2013

Because they make you look broader and fatter, right?

Yeah, fuck that.

Not only am I wearing a pleated skirt, but it’s a SHINY pleated skirt!

What on earth is everyone’s obsession with telling women how to dress? I’ll never understand it.

If you want my opinion, you can wear a pleated skirt no matter what your size is. If you’re worried about it making you look bigger or bulky or unflattering, I find that sizing down actually helps because the pleats sit better (or maybe closer?) on your curves. That’s what works for me! Try everything and figure out a way to make it work, but don’t deprive yourself of being trendy just because of what someone else said.





Denim shirt from Forever 21+ similar, Metallic pleated skirt from River Island similar, Asos sunglasses similar, River Island handbag, Unif Hellraisers similar

Have a great weekend!






  • haha, for a second i came on here thinking, what!? I love pleats haha. I like this skirt, and forget those rules…can't stand the rules they have in place for us plus women. We can wear what we want!

  • For a second I was wondering where you were going with the title. I hate it so much when people tell other people how they should dress. I recently went to a blogger meet where they focussed on hair & it was terrible how the hairstylist kept telling us that oval is the 'idea' face shape, people who have it are lucky & the rest of us have to get haircuts that make our face look oval… WHAAT? How terrible it would be if everyone had the same face shape.
    Love the look, I could see myself wearing this too because you're wearing flats! Pretty sunglasses. 🙂

  • i was wondering where you were going with the title but you showed us!
    i really hate when people say you cant wear this or that…come on….there is always a way to make it work!

  • Who says? I pay absolutely no attention to that bull crap because pleats are kinda fabulous lol. I'm actually wearing a similar outfit today…just with a maxi skirt instead. Great minds think alike much?

  • I would pretty much wear this every day if I owned that skirt. So there! I think you look precious and I love your spiky flats 🙂

  • I properly love you in casual gear, this outfit is lovely! xx

  • now this one i hadn't heard of before..i love pleated skirts!you look great as always..i hate people 🙁
    i have put your blog on my inspiratons online list 🙂

  • Cara

    OMG love your hair….and pleats are definitely a yes-yes! lovely outfit

  • Hear! Hear! Do as you like and look fabulous doing it!

  • You look gorgeous!

  • You look great! You have your own style and I love it!

    • Weesha

      Thanks Yuri 🙂

  • Roanna Fernandes

    Totally love this look, especially because I have seen it before – bookmarked it, and saved a picture. And recently came across an Instagram, and remembered the combination… Bee wanting a skirt like this so bad. Love everything here!

  • Roanna Fernandes


  • Isabel Clington

    I actually think you look amazing , the pleated skirt if anything makes you elegant and slim ! This totally changed my mind about getting a pleated skirt 🙂