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Fake it until you feel better.

January 9, 2013



Roberto Cavalli sunglasses from Rivoli Eye Zone, Necklace from New Look

What’s your safety uniform for those days you’re feeling meh/ hung over?

I drag myself out of bed, lay on some concealer and pull back my hair. Bright lipstick and statement jewelry feign the impression that I’ve put in some effort (at least in my head) and I rely on mega sized sunglasses to hide my puffy eyes and avoid eye contact with humans (trust me, it’s for their own safety and desire to live).

And Nutella. There has to be Nutella.






  • Daniele Santos

    I really love your style! Congratulations!

  • Daniele Santos

    I really love your style! Congratulations!

  • Cookieschaosncestlavie

    My look would just be something slouchy. But I guess if I were to go out, concealer, statement jewelry, jeans and a nice top!

  • samille ganges

    i am soooo feeling the NUTELLA and Over sized sun glasses well said.  And how r u?  Happy New Year!!!

  • You remind me of a moviestar being photographed when she's out shopping or something like that, so whatever you were aiming for looks-wise I'd say you hit it:=)

  • As soon as you get tired of wearing those sunnies (and I don't care if by then they are hanging by one screw)…..SEND THEM MY WAY!! Love them so much! 

  • yuzhu