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Spiked Shoulders

November 17, 2012








ASOS CURVE Exclusive Dip Back Top With Studs, distressed jeans from Forever 21+ Boots from Asos Marketplace. River Island leopard print bag

So, I’ve been MIA for a while but I have two darling reasons why:


Meet Leia and Arya (yes, Star Wars & Game of Thrones)! We decided to foster them for a rescue organisation called Animal Action Abu Dhabi, and they’ve kind of taken over our lives.


But look at those baby faces, it makes all the house training issues and excessive licking bearable.


Arya is about 9 months old and we figure she is an abandoned pet because she is very obedient, affectionate and house trained. She walks really well on a leash, knows a few commands and is just the most angelic dog. She really is the perfect dog, we have no trouble with her at all. She does get a bit jealous when we give Leia attention and requires lots of daily cuddling, she also licks you at every chance she gets. I could live without that, especially on my mouth :/


Leia is still a puppy, about 6 months old maybe and had an injured leg when we got her. She needs lots of attention and play time, she is soooo naughty and gives us puppy eyes every time she’s in trouble! We love how energetic she is and how hilarious some of her antics are. She is now better at walking on a leash but we are still house training her (she has improved heaps though compared to when we first got her).

We’re fostering them until Animal Action finds permanent families to adopt them and even though I’m going to cry when that happens, they deserve a chance to have a happy home (preferably with a garden).

So yeah, that’s mostly what I’ve been up to 🙂

Hope you’ve been well,




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  • SOOOOO fierce, and SOOOOOOO beautiful.


  • Diana Teodoro

    Aww! They're so cute!:) It's a beautiful thing you're doing for these girls. I'm a huge animal lover and I wish I could adopt or at least foster some dogs, but for now it's impossible. Good luck to them!;)
    That lipstick looks great on you.;)
    Diana from

  • this is the coolest post ever. between you, the dogs, the cause, their names – i just live!

  • Love the look! I'm scared to wear spiked anything because I'm way too clumsy.
    Nice to get an official introduction to the puppies. The photos are just killing me with cuteness 🙂

  • Sawsan

    Love love this outfit! You are Gorgeous as usual Weesha!

  • Rosemary Waugh

    I just ordered this exact top from ASOS! It looks amazing on you and I'm even more excited for it now! Love it paired with the distressed jeans.

  • alisa Verde

    that shirt is amazing!!!!!! I'm obsessed with the way you style pieces! huge inspiration to me and my blog. xo

  • mycleverdisguise

    Love it all! I've been obsessing over your dogs on instagram! They are adorable.

    -Jasmine (

  • aw love both of the dogs, they are cuuute
    I alsooo LOVE  this outfit its just fit u in a gorgeous way xxx

  • looking fab dear

  • Sarah Springer

    Oh man, they're so cute! It's great that you're fostering them. I'd love to do that one day!
    Also of relevance: I love that top so much, I really do.

  • what don't i love about this!♥

  • I think its so great that you are fostering those little pups! they are so cute ! i seriously love dogs/animals more than most humans 🙂 good for you! love your outfit too btw, so chic and edgy. love it


  • Ak Yasmine

    woow nice outfit !!
    takes a look at my blog when you have a little time, thank you!

  • Oh, that's so great of you fostering them! My Mum and I hope to go help out at one of our local shelters once things die down with moving, but my parents just adopted their 2nd rescue dog. Love the outfit, i've been eyeing that top!

  • I may come to Dubai next year for business. we definitely have to meet up!!!

    Love, Ylenia from Longuette

  • They are so adorable, and they sound so lovely! It's so great that you're fostering them until they find good homes! xo

  • Jazmin Escobar

    ah you look amazing in these photos! and i love that you're telling your readers "how to get the look" you're wonderful!

  • Weirdo-Sweeney Depp

    im dying for this outfit . omf'n im totally following your blog . im in love w. it already 🙂


    p.s. thank you for telling us where we can get this look. you're sooo sweet 🙂