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Positive Mind, Positive Body Image

November 26, 2012


Hope your week is going well!





  • Diana Teodoro

    That's a great message.:)
    Have a great week.;)
    Diana from

  • love it i need to do that for myself xxx

  • this look like a bible for every woman that struggle to accept herself.
    I am going to print it and stick it to my fridge.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  • Rosemary Waugh

    This is fantastic! Great philosophies to live by.

  • Ak Yasmine

    wonderful message! I should practice this philosophy! <3

  • Rocio

    Hi Weesha!! I have known about yor blog recently and I love it. I think you are a wonderfull girl.

    I love this philosophy. Im trying to change my mind with this.

    I follow your blog from now 😉

    This is my blog