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October 14, 2012






  • The Fatgirl’s Closet: Ever wondered what a plus size fashion blogger’s closet looks like? You’re in luck 🙂 Check out






  • Behold your instant prozac for today! This is the most awesome story I have ever heard.


I hope this post has made you smile 🙂 Here’s to starting another week of our lives on a happy note!





  • Sheila

    I cried with Skateistan, but tears of hapinness! We always read and hear only sad stories about the Afeghanistan and, finally, something good. And envolving women!!

    And then I laughted a lot with "La Munkya"… hahaha

    Great post, Weesha! Thanks!!

  • Great inspirational items. Congrats on beng featured in the fat girls closet article…. Love your room and love the painting of the the skull faced girl on the that you? Did you paint that? Amazing…

  • yes I did! Thank you 😀

  • So glad you liked it 🙂 and yeah, felt like focusing on the positive in this post!

  • Ticka

    Great post Weesha! I smiled!! Thanks! =D

  • the little girl telling the story was the best story i have heard in a while! haha definitely made me smile 🙂