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Stripes Crazy

September 7, 2012








River Island blazer and skirt, Kenneth Cole bag, New Look shoes

Please excuse the wet hair, my photographer/ bf was nice enough to squeeze my outfit shoot in despite his hectic weekend schedule. I typed that sentence with complete sarcasm, Weesha does not like to be rushed! THIS *motions to face and outfit* does not happen in under 10 minutes. Dressing up is a process, it’s a therapeutic routine, a mini vacation of making you feel and look your most awesome vision of yourself. It takes time, effort and love and must be enjoyed. Why else do you think women complain when they have to hurry or feel like they have nothing to wear? that little dream is ruined and we look like nothing that we wanted to. I can’t be the only one who gets that.

Anyway, do you like skater skirts? I read that it’s not flattering on fat women but hey, they’re fun, flirty and most importantly, fuck what everyone else thinks because I feel super cute in them! That’s a lot of important Fs.

I’m off for dinner with my folks, my mom cooked some Goan prawn curry just for me and I’m very excited! I hope you’re having a good one 🙂


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  • bb2705

    Il fallait ose les deux imprimes rayures,ca n est pas mal ;o)

    Bon w end !

  • I love that skirt! And I am now obsessed with those shoes and bag!

  • I love F alliterations 🙂 And that skirt. And that striped top. And You. Have a great weekend!

  • Jasmine

    Piss on whoever said fat women can't wear skater skirts! You're wearing yours very well and I love mine!

  • In love with the double stripe look! (& I totally get what you mean with the dressing up part ;))
    Now I must find an angle & black mail my mom into making some prawn curry soon.

  • That skirt, those shoes AND that attitude are AMAZING ! You are one of my favorite persons ever, lol stay awesome ! <3

  • Dressing up really is a bit or me-time every morning! Loving the attitude, and that skirt is super cute! Enjoy your dinner xo

  • i am a huge fan of stripes 🙂 LOVE your shoes!!!!


  • People probably say skater skirts don't look good on anyone who isn't thin because they're short. You look great in yours though, so I guess that myth is out the wondow!

  • missmoonsmusings

    This post leaves two questions in my mind:

    1) What color nailpolish are you wearing on your toes (because I need that in my life!!)?!?


    2) How can I get your Mum to ship some of her Shrimp Curry to me in Brooklyn?!?

    Hmmmm… 😉

  • serena mariposa

    you look gorgeous weesha! i love how u play with patterns…very daring…
    u'd hav to b one of my favorite bloggers <3

  • I got a pedicure done but I'll ask them what colour it is next time 🙂 and nahh, I'm not sharing 😛

  • missmoonsmusings

    Booo! LOL

  • greensleeves20

    I quoted the first part of this post to my boyfriend word for word! I wanted to show him that me spending an hour to leave the house is not abnormal and not done solely to ruin his life. apparently hes aged several years whilst waiting for me to get ready and by putting make-up on and a pretty dress im clearly going to run over to my other boyfriends house!

  • As much as I like skater skirts they ride up int he back for me. I can't wear them to work, and it's wierd. Maybe it's the way i'm shaped but it ends up looking crazy long in the front unless i pull it all the way up and then short in the back and then i have to pull and tug and hope the wind isn't bloging crazy. Still like them a lot I just think if you're bigger you have to have a certain shape for them which I don't have.