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The 80s Called

August 6, 2012

I’m looking at this outfit and I’m thinking- did I just time travel? It looks like something my mom wore to one of my birthday parties (back when my age was still a single digit).

So I’m unintentionally retro in this post but in my defense, the 80s were AWESOME. I wish I was there to rock the crazy shoulder pads, big hair and loud prints. Everything was so insane and fearless, and don’t get me started on the music. Cheesy pop and old school rock at its finest!

Ok, and now I’m thinking about The Wedding Singer, I really love that movie 🙂

I’m going to stop myself here, I could play this 80s word association game forever.

Here’s my outfit!






I’m wearing a lip gloss and blush from Mikyajy’s Jetsetter kit, their 22K Expressive Volume & Lift mascara, and a kohl liner and liquid eye liner from their Sabaya Care collection (which is made especially for sensitive eyes). Will blog about all the goodies they sent me soon!



Mango blazer, Forever 21+ printed jumpsuit, h & m necklace and purse, New Look shoes.

Forever 21+ is officially available in Dubai, in Mirdif City Centre and Dubai Mall. It was almost euphoric to shop without having to worry about not being able to find my size. I heard skinny girls in the trial rooms complaining about “feeling like a fat cow” because they wouldn’t fit into something but I was in my trial room beaming like, “How you like me now, muahaha!”. Lots of trendy, affordable pieces to choose from, it was total bliss 🙂

In case you didn’t notice, I’ve lost my Weesha’s World domain, so I now blog at . Please bookmark this link or edit it if you link up to my blog in your blog roll, or a feature, I would really appreciate your help in making this a stress free transition.

I hope I still have a chance of buying my old domain back but the company that swooped in and in my opinion, stole it, aren’t even responding. It sucks but I’m focusing on moving on now instead of being pissed.

I hope you week is off to a good start!

Lots of hugs,





  • Anonymous

    Hey Weesha! Looking lush in this jumpsuit. I was wondering what size your wearing from forever 21+ (in comparison to the size you normally wear?) I find that their sizing can be all over the place, but this jumpsuit is in the sale (sale items are non-refundable so I don't want to get 2 sizes!) and I've want it for my holiday ever since I saw you looking smokin' hot in it!

  • I agree! sometimes I wear an xl or a 1x and I go in between a size 18 and 20 uk. The jumpsuit I'm wearing is a size xl,it fits perfect everywhere and is a little snug around my tummy (but I don't mind) and I found the 1x a little too loose on me. Hope this helps!

  • Cass

    Ta Weesha – I normally wear a 22 (or 24 in non-stretch stuff). I wanted a loose fit for the beach, so i got it in a 3x. Love it! Even wore it to work on Tuesday as it was so hot. I also got 2 jersey jumpsuits in the forever 21+ sale, size 2x, and they are so lovely and comfy. The belted cowl neck one i got looked rubbish on the site because it was clearly way too big for the model, but it's so sexy in real life when it's more fitted. A big thumbs up – thanks for the inspiration!

  • Ticka

    I'm sorry that you have to deal with that domain madness. BUT on another note… That jumpsuit looks amazing on you!! Love the colors!!

  • I love the heels! You look great Weesha!

  • Diana Teodoro

    This look is awesome! But again I love the 80's, so… 😉
    Diana from

  • So sorry to hear about your domain, hope everything turns out okey in the end 🙂 Love this outfit on you, you look gorgeous! xo

  • fashionforgiants

    I love the 80s too and this look is 80s in the best possible way!  You look fabulous and are rocking the heck out of that jumpsuit!!


  • My favorite outfit of yours!! I absolutely adore you in this jumpsuit. The blue with the pink blazer is like WOW! Love the shoes, love the bag, love everything!! 😉 Love F21! Kiah

  • btw – your blog is still populating your current post in my sidebar blogroll even after the name change. So sorry to hear about that but your attitude about the whole matter is awesome! Kiah

  • The 80's is my all time favorite era. I don't mind one bit that your outfit is over the top. I actually wouldn't mind rocking that jumpsuit myself!

  • I love this outfit! There was a time when I was OBSESSED with the 80s & everything that came with it. I incessantly listened to Tears for Fears, Pet Shop Boys, Cyndi Lauper etc. Hot Tub Time Machine is an awesome 'throwback' 80s flick too.

  • Charlynnesafo

    Love it! The colours are soooo good on you!

  • Ylenia

    I bought a jumpsuit myself (and soon a post). yours is lovely and I like the overall outfit, especially the shoes!!!!
    ciao bella!
    Love, Ylenia from Longuette

  • missmoonsmusings

    You are serving me up ALL kinds of "Dynasty" with this outfit, girl… and I am asking for another helping!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

  • Definitely loud, definitely fearless. I'm impressed!

  • That outfit is so cool! The shoes are AMAZINGGGG and the colours of the jumpsuit and blazer are really vibrant and HOT. 80's indeed rule ;D

  • superbe,tu rayonnes ;o)

  • I´m not crazy about the 80´s but you totally rock the look, and both colours look awesome together!! In Spain I believe there´s a F21 in Barcelona, but it´s a little bit far away for me to just go shopping, I hope they open more stores near my home!


  • Nicky

    I've just read through several pages of this blog, and have found it inspiring.
    As a plus size lady of 26 years old I'm only just starting to feel comfortable with my body, and I applaud anyone who doesn't fit in with the 'norm' but has the confidence and self belief to do what
    they want. I just regret all the time I've wasted trying to hide myself away. Watch out world here I come 😉

    You look stunning by the way. I love this outfit. The colours are fab together and you totally rock it.