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When in doubt, Spike it.

July 14, 2012

You know how every summer I complain about how insanely hot Dubai is? Well, this year it’s really HOT! Forget about all the previous times, this year we’re having the mother of all summers- my eyes burn, I get headaches, and I feel every single pore on my body open  each time I get in my car. I have to be bribed to leave the house with the promise of new make up, clothes or mojitos (some times all three) and I honestly feel like this weather is just too hot for clothes!

My hair is constantly in a bun and I can only do cotton. Spanx feels suicidal so forget anything that is not oversized or loose. I just want dresses I can throw on, be comfortable in and run out the door. In short, I can’t be fucked to be fashionable. I keep it simple, survival is my game now.

So thank god for spikes, I’ve convinced myself that they give the illusion of effort. I’ve even bought a spiked headband and belt from Asos, so please don’t try to tell me otherwise.

I’m going to be living in simple dresses that I can just throw on, and spikes.

That’s my summer survival strategy.



Studded tote from Asos Marketplace




Jeffrey Campbell Perfect Spikes from Solestruck


Dress from New Look Inspire


Necklace from h & m


My glamorous lashes were thanks to Fibre Lash, think of it as false lashes in a bottle if you will. At first, I found the fiber tube a bit weird and even thought they had sent me an expired product but the stuff is quite magical. You can layer the mascara on for more drama mama lashes. I find that it makes my eyes look a lot bigger 😀




If you’re in the Middle East, you can purchase Fibre Lash from their website and I’ve been told that you can find them in Boots, etc elsewhere in the world. It’s definitely worth a buy if sexy eyelashes are your thing or if you’re too klutzy for false eye lashes (like me).

On a side note, I’m having major eye wrinkle issues 🙁 cream/ treatment suggestions please? it’s starting to make me feel self conscious.

Lots of hugs,


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  • Love the little picture! Also the bag ♡♥ xo

  • I agree it's too hot this summer in Dubai & I will try the lash fibre
    Btw I love the shoes
    Please follow my blog

  • cheekyrose

    Whoa those shoes are really something. We could do with just a little of the sun here, we are having more rain than we really need. Wrinkles what wrinkles, you look great as always

  • love this! the shoes are to die for, the bag is to die for, love the dress! You look gorgeous! And that mascara looks kick as!

  • One of my favorite posts ever. I too love spikes and i wish I was bad ass enough to wear those Jeffrey Campbell shoes (maybe one day). I will have to check out the Fiber Lash. I have the most pathetic eyelashes of all time, so if it works on mine, it truly is a miracle product!

    Finally- I LOVE LOVE LOVE that fruit illustration. Such a great reminder 🙂

  • Love the fruit picture!! It's good to have s strategy for survival when it's either very hot or very cold outside… Yours is just brilliant!

  • Ais

    When it's hot, any effort is enough effort.  My guess is that everyone out there is thinking the exact same thing 😉

  • missmoonsmusings

    I am super ashamed, you should see how I'm dressed for hot NY summers!!  I need to definitely step my game up! 

  • I can't even imagine feeling that – being from a mild New Zealand climate. But you manage being hot & sweaty effortlessly. I love the animal print frock and all the spikes – you look a little bit rock chick:)

  • dicolatyler

    you look great!!im loving the hair color too!!those shoes are dope!!and the cute fruit pic at the end is adorable,love it

  • oh i love this..and i agree ful heartedly about the's horrible over here in india! love your the way how do you colour the tips of your hair?do you bleach it first?

  • Those shoes are so HAWT! I love them! As usual you look AMAZING!!!

  • I do love me some spikes! I've been eyeing the spiked headbands from ASOS too, and those shoes are AMAZING! Ahaha, I think I say that in every comment I post on your blog 😛

  • Your hair… amazing as usual. So is your makeup. 😀 I love your edgy style!
    I must try that mascara…

  • lovelovefashion

    i adore you so much! in eye melting heat you pull off a killer outfit in heels!! heels!! in the heat! i thump my chest with pride x ps i see no eye wrinkles, you have gorgeous eyes x

  • More stunning every day, my dear friend, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
     Hot, tell me , ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh We are well over 42ºc in the shade and going up, ahhhhhhhhhh

  • Sarah Silverman

    you look gorgeous. mad props for wearing huge heels when it's hot out. for me, hot weather is also about comfy shoes and flat sandals! one thing to help eye wrinkles is to ALWAYS wear face lotion with SPF before you go outside. that will make a huge different. i also like philosophy's eye cream and aveeno eye cream and anti-aging lotions… noticed a bit of difference with both. i am getting some smile lines so i know what you mean about being self conscious. but you are so beautiful, i guarantee you are noticing them a lot more than anyone else is! <3

    sarah rose

  • Overweight In Sunny SoCal

    Very pretty dress and love the shoes too.  Love the fruits picture..if only each last one of us knew and believed that #all women sizes are beyoutiful 

  • Oh the heat, it has been horrible here in the US too. You really never can go wrong with spikes, you look amazing!

  • Clara Turbay

    what you do here is really good, I will be back soon.

  • Summer has been brutal over here as well. It hasn't rained in over a month, so even sitting outside on the grass attempting to enjoy the heat is out of the question. (the grass literally feels like needles)

    Spikes is a brilliant solution! I have a few punkier pieces of jewelry that I keep throwing on because they make me feel tough enough to face this horrid weather! I know just what you're talking about. 🙂

  • hi luanne! this post was featured in the round up online tv show this week:

  • frl_karma

    I love the shoes and the dress. Oh and your hair looks awesome! <3

  • Jess

    Love this dress! Your confidence is so inspiring to me. Keep it up girl, youre beautiful!

  • what's your skin type? oily/dry/etc? clinique has some ultra good stuff for eyes. on the more expensive side when i worked for chanel their eye treatment is super amazing.

  • Weesha, I am in LOVE with those Jeffery Campbell spiked heels! How hot's the weather? I went to Central California this weekend and it was 102 degrees! Torture!!