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Love and Lace

July 4, 2012












Asos blouse and ear cuff, Lace skirt from Deira market, h & m purse, Topshop beetle bracelet, Payless shoes

.I finally got my copy of Already Pretty!


You might know that Sally is one of my favorite bloggers, I consider her a role model and hope to be as amazing a blogger as she is! is my go to site for inspiring content about style at every size and age, so it makes sense that she would write a brilliant book: Already Pretty: Learning to Love Your Body by Learning to Dress it Well.

I’m also one of the lucky bloggers to have her pictures featured in the book! How awesome is that?

I think the book is the perfect gift for a friend, a new mom, a daughter, sister or even yourself. Sometimes, it’s a struggle to find your sense of style and unlike other media that merely teach you how to look thinner, Already Pretty teaches you how to love your body and dress well so that that you feel amazing about yourself. You know how they say ‘if you look good, you feel good’ I think it’s more true in the reverse. Sally talks about learning to trust yourself and how style is self expression, two things that nobody else can be responsible for but yourself. I personally wish I had this book when I was a teenager, I can’t tell you how inspiring this book is, I got goose bumps and welled up with pride and agreement.

I’m going to leave you with a quote from the book:

“Dressing can be a love song to your fabulous figure”

I could keep on gushing about the book but I’d rather give it away on my blog 🙂

Just leave a comment about why you would like to win Already Pretty, best of luck!

Lots of Love,




  • I would love to win a copy, firstly, because Sal is awesome and such an inspiration. Secondly, its the height of winter here in nz, which always leaves me feeling a little bit bleh and uninspired…I really could do with some positivity in my life!

  • I love Sally's blog and you're right, she's so inspirational! I have a friend who I think could benefit a lot from Sally's book and it's for me and her that I would like to win it. She has low self-esteem and I feel she dresses for others rather than for herself so she could use good tips and inspiring words.

  • I would like to win a copy of the book because i'm new in the plus size blog world and even in accepting my body as it is , and mostly with dressing in clothes that make me feel incredible or not and not in clothes that make me look 'thin' (not that it was possible,but you know,when you hear you're fat all the time, you're willing to try anything). No matter if i win or not i still love your blog (like i already told you on fb) and i'm consistent with my blogging witch i started also because of you. Thank you a million times <3

  • I'm totally in love with lace so I'm loving this skirt! And the shoes are hot hot hot

  • you look really gorgeous!

  • Alicja Koalicja

    amazing!!! outfit is great 🙂 

  • I would like to win the book, because I've already fallen in love with it, just by reading your blog!

  • I love this outfit, Luanne! It's perfect. x

  • Style4Curves

    very classic and cute!

  • lovelovefashion

    gasp! oh i love this outfit on you,you are sooo beautiful and those shoes…totally gorgeous x ps i would like to win the book for my mother, who defines beauty as thin x 

  • I love that Sal featured you! You are  both so awesome 🙂 (PS- Those shoes make that outfit!)

  • Houda

    I would love to win this book!! It doesn't matter how much I say it or how much I show it, my 8yo has hang-ups about her body. 8 year old!! Would love to show her a book like this! If not right away, then maybe when she is a teenager, because I really don't know how things are going to be then, if they are like this now! 

  • Peggy Jean

    Cute look. I love the  skirt and shoes =)

  • i absolutely love this outfit.. the skirt and shoes are just perfect!

  • You look Great!  I Love the ear cuffs! HOTT!!!

  • Nicolette Eustace

    What could be better than to have a book that helps you to dress for your shape and pushes you to love and appreciate your body. As a size 12, the more risks I try to take, the more I learn what suits me and what makes me happy. PS love the earcuffs 🙂 and I hope to win the book 🙂

  • I love that dress, and thoes shoes – wow! Congratulations on being in the book!
    Mostly I want this book because of how you describe it. I would love to read a book that lives up to ‘if you feel good, you look good’!

  • Love the blouse it's so feminine. I can't believe those shoes are Payless, I'm missing out! I would like to win Already Pretty, because I think it's important to have that reminder that we are already pretty. All of the clothes, makeup and accessories can't make you pretty. You have to feel it from within and exude it.

  • NaturallyFashionable

    This look is so lovely…you are a beauty!

  • I love this classy & sophisticated look on you! I have a black lace skirt that is similar and I'm always searching for inspiration of how to wear it.

    Wow, you really talked that book up! So much so that I really want to read it now. I'm guessing you want to know a reason for reading it, huh? Well, it looks seems like a great motivational book where even if you know the content, it's great to be reminded and maybe even learn a little more about loving yourself. Plus, I really love fashion books and getting new ideas!

    (also, how cool is it that you're IN A BOOK?! Congrats, girl!)

  • You deserve to be in every book. I love love the lace filigre of your skirt.
    You are gorgeous, my friend.

  • the pattern on the lace skirt is beautiful!!

  • Joanna Gwizdała

    Wow these lace fits you sooo goood!!!!

  • Ticka

    The flow of the top, the skirt and the shoes is perfect. Very romantic look. Love it!

  • Rohininagu

    Love love love love LOVE!!! The shoes are gorgeous, the skirt is gorgeous, and you're GORGEOUS!!!

    Now off to the mall I go…. Thanks for the inspiration…. Again.


  • Nora A M B

    soooo pretty Lu <3 I love the outfit and the crazy earring!!!

  • Yara Hindawi

    <3 that you've been featured in the book, and that combo is absolutely awesome (esp for some salsa)!! 

    Oh, and the earrings are ._. SONICE!!!

  • Lovely outfit as always Weesha. That pussybow blouse is so pretty. <3
    I try to always maintain a personal sense of style but in many ways I feel it's still evolving, sometimes I feel rather confused about it (part of the reason I started a style blog, actually). Already pretty sounds like such a great book, I think it could really help me find my style & so I'd love to win it. 🙂

  • Larissa Wilhelm

    love your shoes!! and the skirt… and you're so cute 😉

  • I like your outfit, especially the lace skirt! I would like to win the book because body-positive fashion books are awesome. 🙂

  • Jennifer

    I would love to win the book because I just cannot get past certain issues. E.g I never bare my upper arms. Never wear shorts/short skirts because of my thighs. I love fashion but never try anything daring because being fat and daring means you will get stared at for two reasons.

  • I absolutely adore that skirt. pretty shoes too 🙂