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In response to Being A Fat Daughter

July 25, 2012



Being The Fat Daughter was one of those posts where I unashamedly shared my feelings. It’s something I think twice about now that people in my real life know about this blog. I was in no way prepared for all the reactions. I still get comments, emails and messages about it, almost every morning. I reply to the messages and emails but I don’t reply to the comments. I see it in my side bar every time I visit my blog but something just holds me back from clicking on that post. I guess it’s too emotional for me, it brings back a lot of feelings like sadness and shame. I’m also not the most forgiving person, I love my mom but I’m still defensive around my folks and I get a little bitter when I’m reminded about those things I wrote about.
It’s also heartbreaking because there are so many of us who have been hurt the same way just because of our size. It doesn’t help that most of the people who have hurt us are the ones we love the most.
I just feel the need to explain to you that I do appreciate the comments but that post is just something I do not want to relive again. While a lot of good came out of publishing that, a lot of those feelings still exist. I worry about relapsing so much some times, it’s one of my fears when ever I think about trying to start working out again or what about when I have a kid, will all those issues come back and will I lose myself again? Hell, what happens at the next family wedding announcement? It’s not the easiest thing to control, some times I wonder how I reached this happy little place I’m at now.
I just wanted to tell you that, I just wanted to let you know that not everyone might get it but trust me, I know. I get it and you’re not alone. The most I could give you is honesty and inspiration to love yourself more and not give a fuck about anyone who thinks your body is any of their business. It’s not our purpose to be pleasant looking, warrior women like us are about so much more than that.
I don’t want to preach, I know I say this all the time and I’m also guilty of not listening to my own advice, but you really just have to choose yourself over any negative crap in your life.

Your happiness is what matters the most, even when you’re a mom, you need to try to keep yourself happy too (live by example, right?). Don’t underestimate your self worth, it is such a waste of life.

I hope we continue to inspire each other just for the simple hope that our kids don’t shed any tears for something as trivial as being different.
And I’m always happy to see messages/ emails in my inbox 🙂
Lots of ridiculous amount of love and thanks <3



  • Kristina Estero

    I get it and I understand. I am so blessed to have you in my life and for also continuously believing in me. You're one of the many treasures I have found in Dubai. Our friendship…priceless.. Always remember that you are loved by many..which includes me..stay happy.

  • Such a lovely follow up to a very touching post. One of the first things I read by you and I knew we were soul sisters 🙂

  • I love you girl. That's all! Kiah

  • <3

  • Artful Artsy Amy

    The original post inspired me so much! I 100% understand what you are saying here.  You are awesome and thanks so much for being such a graceful, uplifting, and empowering voice. 

  • Sarita

    You're amazing. Your blog always makes me smile.

  • lovelovefashion

    you are amazing, and an inspiration and i love you! it was a great post and touched so many – i love this supportive blog world and each person making baby steps towards their own magnificence! not giving two hoots is great too, a small change makes a big difference and you find yourself walking 'with the fire in my eyes' (miss maya angelou – phenomonal woman, one of my favourite poems) x

  • YOU GO LUANNE! YOU GO!!! seriously – it is so powerful that you wrote something like that and that you're addressing it again now. so proud of you! behind you 1 million percent – especially because i know how challenging it can be to write posts like that, and how challenging it can be (and scary) to look to the future with those questions. i have the same ones all the time. preach it girl!!!!


    You're such a brave soul full of inspiration.  I'm so glad our paths crossed in blogsphere. You truly inspire me. Go, Weesha… love and kisses from Sunny SoCal

  • Yuliya Chalaya

    I think that post has made me follow your blog.

  • YC


  • I would write a big verbose comment replying to things you said in this post, but I just have to say that though I haven't met you in real life & only know you over the interwebs for a little while, I really really love you for being you.
    At the risk of sounding cliched, you are truly an inspiration. <3

  • Rifka Sams

    Love your blog nad just your over all confidence in everything you wear and just how you don't give a crap about what other percieve of you!

    Truly inspirational to me being a curvy girl:)

    Follow my blog at:

  • Thanks so much for posting this, I remember reading your first post and feeling like I wasn't alone. I wasn't the only person who was experiencing this type of thing – to know there was at least one other person in the world who knew what I was feeling was really empowering. I think you're so brave for posting it – thanks so much. 

  • Roanna Fernandes

    No explaining required, we love you all the same! ♥