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Choosing my Attitude

July 8, 2012

Y’know how your day starts off all crappy? Like getting stuck in traffic or running late for work/ class or worse, spilling coffee on your favorite outfit (just thinking about it makes me sad).

Well, that one thing can trigger a negative vibe for the rest of the day which is quite sad because it doesn’t have to be that way.

I am a slave to my mood swings, I can go from happy to mopey in a matter of minutes and while I some times give in, there are days where I’m all “It’s cool, I need to get rid of this, it doesn’t have to carry on until the day is over”. And there are days where I smash a camera…


Easier said than done of course but part of self love is being responsible for your own happiness. There isn’t always going to be a fairy godmother on stand by to fix our shit (or buy you a new camera).

So, I’m practicing taking the grown up route which means choosing to control my attitude and determine how the days events will affect me. I can choose to let it get the best of me or just do my best to shake it off and carry on.

Here are some of the little things that help me lift my mood:


Any suggestions I can add to the list? (Beside Nutella)





  • Such an awesome list! I do #2 a lot but it's not too good long term. 😛

  • hehe try explaining that to a fashion blogger 😛

  • You are wonderful 🙂 when i feel stressed out,on one of those days when nothing goes right,i like taking a looooong bubble bath, maybe it helps?   <3

  • Lovely list, I completely understand what you mean, sometimes things can turn us down out of nowhere. But in the end we always have the choice about how we feel, you could always change your mood and say "No" to the bad feelings and choose to do something positive.

    I think doing something nice for someone helps, cause it makes you feel better to see someone else smile! 

  • You're so right! I should try that, doing nice stuff for other people always feels awesome, that is such an underrated feeling.

  • omg I LOVE long bubble baths, I'm getting so happy just thinking about it. Sadly, it's nearly impossible with my 3 cats. They yodel at behind the bathroom door when ever I shower, I can only imagine how annoying that would be when I trying to relax with a nice bubble bath haha. You're lucky!

  • great list, thinking about something that you may add 🙂 putting on heels always makes me feel good. even if it's only in the room of my own privacy lol, it's just nice to put on those heels that you can't walk in buy makes you look AMAZING and SEXY with legs to kill 😛 it's a confidence boost. You feel me? lol.

  • lovelovefashion

    when life keeps kicking you in the ass, and the day doesn't seem brighter or even get any easier i have a few techniques – swearing like a sailor works for me – i have the mother of all swears, it works and takes the pressure off (done privately!) – making sure i look sharp when i know its going to be a tough day – and smile,it confuses angry people and they  respond positively x ps great list

  • I can't add anything because you know how nasty my attitude can be. However, this is very inspiring and a good reminder for me to work on my attitude as well 🙂

  • I'll see your "Put on my face tracks" and raise you a "dance around the room" and/or "sing loudly".  I find that it is enough of a distraction that I stop thinking so hard about whatever ails me.

  • how about gobbling down icecream!haha i do all these and on rare days chopping stuff helps..end results are some kind of soup  which helps too!

  • Nora

    Contemplate over fine Arts or meeting my roommates in the living room and having a gentil conversation.

  • Getting a manicure/pedicure always helps me, as does watching some bad reality TV 🙂

  • Exactly! 
    I met my boyfriend at the same time I moved away from home. At that time the world was such a scary place to me, big and overwhelming and I missed my family all the time. Also I have an exboyfriend that at the time had made me a negative being with no confidence at all. And then, in the beginning of our relationship my new boyfriend (now boyfriend through three years), said to me, that my thinking was quite negative. I never saw myself that way, but when he said that to me I started noticing all the little things I did to drive myself down and make my days worse than they had to be. 
    So I started changing the ways I commented things in my head. Instead of saying; "Damn, it's raining again" – I'd go: "Ah, the raindrops feels quite nice". Instead of noticing how cold it is in the winter I notice the blue skies and the pretty shape of the snow flakes. Instead of being too sad about missing my family I remind myself that I miss them, because I love them. Small things like that – turning the small negatives into positives. Negative thinking just makes everything more negative, and the same thing goes for positive thinking – it makes you more happy, and it makes the negative things (that you really can't avoid) feel smaller. 

    Having said that; Sometimes you just have to accept the fact, that somedays are better or worse than others. And the bad days need to be there as well. When I feel my mood going down I where red shoes or jewelry that'll make me smile. Things like that. Pretty much the same as you, actually. 

  • Meryll

    i love the "list picture" you created aka calling your mom etc. Really inspiring & would pick anyone up when they are down in the dumps . I would love to know what website or software you used so I could make one for myself?