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June 26, 2012

So.. I was super excited about this post. Posed, had fun, etc and then came back home to find all the full length pics were blurry as hell. I don’t know why, I could easily blame the bf photographer but I know it’s the camera. It’s almost 5 years old by now and has been acting up like crazy.

Anyway, I got really pissed off about it, there was no light left, etc. I got into a really bad mood and threw the camera at the wall, and broke it. So yeah, I might not post outfit posts for a while until I get a new one. And maybe I need an anger management class too.

I’m posting these anyway because god knows when I’ll post another outfit.

Me and my temper do stupid shit some times.






At least I got a good shot of my new dip dye, right? Oh well.

What I’m wearing: Zara cape back shirt, Dorothy Perkins mint shorts (very comfortable, stretchy and fit well. I upsized) and New Look clutch + wedges.

I hope you’re having a better day than I am.

Thank goodness tomorrow is a new day.




  • Naww babe you silly head, I have anger too though (prob would have done same thing!) your hair is looking fabulous!

  • cheekyrose

    Remind me not to get on your wrong side, love the colours

  • I admire the fact that you can stick to a clothing ban, I'm so crap at them! Yeah, something about throwing feels just right when you're angry!

  • Savannah Fernandes

    LMFAO for throwing your camera at the wall. DW, I had bad anger management issues as a kid, I would fling my glasses at the wall  :S

  • Aw, you look so cute! and the photos aren't that blurry! <3 Hope you feel better–nothing more frustrating than technology not agreeing with you! 🙁

    xo Allison 🙂

  • I love every piece Weesha. The colors are so cute together. Love the wedges and clutch. Your hair is awesome too! Ok, I'm gonna stop now because I'm being way too effusive with the praise; but great outfit!

  • Nicolette Eustace

    Love the newer dip-dye hair and the top. Cant wait till you get a new camera for more posts. And none of these photos are blurry.

  • dreaminofme18
  • You're giving me blogger envy right meow. Seriously, you look SO great despite the blurriness. I wouldn't have even been able to tell. 

  • Blurry or not you still look fierce as hell, girl!

  • Love this outfit, and sorry about the camera. Sounds like the though of us have very similar tempers. The good news is eventually you will be able to buy a new, awesome camera. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

  • Oh, you're like that, too! Sometimes, if I've been looking forward to something and a tiny detail goes wrong I get upset, and that's whne I do stupid things, too. Hope you'll be able to replace your camera soon 🙂

    Gorgeous outfit, love the shoes and the new hair looks fabulous! xo

  • jolie association de couleurs ;o)

  • The color looks awesome, I bet it will be stunning in the sunlight 🙂 
    Your outfit is lovely, too. I like this bright colors on you and that your story really made me laught 😀

  • lol! I automatically love anyone who takes the time to read my blog so you're safe, promise 🙂

  • just got a long lecture from the bf about it, uff! the joys of dating older guys.

  • merci 🙂

  • thank you! I was afraid I'm showing people my scary side with this post but there's got to be more Taurus like me hehe. I hope so too!

  • I remember reading how your sister n husband call you spunky, and I thought ah, she and I would get along! 

  • Thank you! that's still no excuse for that damn camera, hope to get a proper one soon.

  • phew! that's a relief, I'd hate to post something that wasn't that great here yknow? and pfssh to envy, have you looked in a mirror? You're frikikin hot!!

  • ooh nicolette I thought of you cuz the green bits had faded to mint green! Just cuz I remember you asked once x

  • Thank you! You are ALWAYS there to say a kind word to me and I really appreciate it, esp when I say stuff then worry about being judged for it.

  • ikr? hopefully I'll get a cam soon. Thanks Allison 🙂

  • lol, I did that too, man and I still do. Both my parents are hot tempered so I never really stood a chance, at least the bf is eerily calm to balance me out.

  • love this look! you make it tempting to order things i can't afford right now!

  • Omg I think I love u now. Thanks mama

  • Girl the pictures turned out totally fine. I can't believe you did threw your camera. I probably would have just took off running from you after that! LOL You look great! I love those shorts! Kiah

  • anika

    OMG Luanne, you did the 'gradient' dye that I sent you a pic of! It's looks pretty good, did u do it yourself/salon? Message me on facebook!

  • I love the color of that top!
    I laughed at your tantrum, though I gotta admit I think I'd feel a little foolish if I broke my camera that way.
    Your dip dye is really beautiful!

  • NaturallyFashionable

    You look so cute in those shorts!  I must admit my anger gets the best of me at times too!

  • Saundra McKenzie

    Love the dip dye hair! So cute!

  • Glad to know I am not the only to throw things in a fit. LOL

  • Loving the color blocking you're doing! You look great

    ~SherineStop by and say HI! Confessions Of A City Girl

  • i just found your blog and lookbook..fanned!! your blouse and your hair colour looks awesome!

  • Even with the camera issues, the photos turned out great. Your hair is amaze 🙂

  • Thank you Adrienne 🙂

  • Thank you debi! will make sure to fan you back!

  • Thank you! I don't think I'll ever be able to let go of colour blocking hehe

  • LOL! it just happens, I don't know why!!

  • Thank you Saundra!

  • Thank you! and I hope it gets better as we age, would hate to be the crazy old lady in the neighbourhood

  • Thanks Veronica! heh, I got a lecture from the bf about how I'm not truly sorry if I don't I don't feel foolish about it. But I don't -__- damn that thing!!

  • lol!! it's a good thing the bf is calm, like eerily calm though. He's used to me I guess.

  • Bloggers tend to do that! but if it's the shorts you're talking about, they really are worth every penny- endless amount of outfit options 🙂

  • You were so so right 😉

  • lovelovefashion

    gah! cameras! i'm a thrower too – such a stress reliever, you look gorgeous (as ever) and i love every individual piece and how it comes together – sadly i am on a clothing ban but i will coo over all your beautiful items as i cannot buy a thing (weep) x

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  • Joanna Gwizdała

    Cute colors. I love this mix.

  • Chloe_willers2

    Your gorgeous! love the style