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Peplum and Pretty Shoes

May 12, 2012









Asos Curve dress, h&m purse, River Island necklace and shoes (but I got the shoes on sale at asos, yay!) My lovely Swarovski ring was a 2 year anniversary gift from the boy <3

I’m not crazy about this dress to be honest, it’s way longer than I thought it would be. Like, if I stretch it out completely, the peplum bit would sit on my hips, so I had to roll it for it to sit on my waist. If you’re afraid of body con, you might shy away from this dress, I get nervous about wearing body con too but the colour and peplum were too fab to resist- screw it!

The shoes are my super stars in this outfit, L-O-V-E them so much! I love the pale pink and bright orange colour block, and they’re not too high so they’re very comfortable. It was love at first sight at the store but I have a price limit when shopping 🙁 Sometimes, there’s a line I just can’t cross because reality is, I’m not rich! When you think “hmm pay my electricity and water bill or buy these shoes?” you’re definitely not rich, haha. Oh well, thankfully the fashion gods were being nice to me and I saw them for half off at asos 🙂 hash tag dreams do come true, anyone?

Hope your weekend is going as good as mine is!

Lots of hugs and strength,





  • I love this look! That dress is fab and the shoes….

  • cheekyrose

    You look absolutely lovely

  • OMG, you are so pretty, LuAnne! I wish I had a booty like yours so I could rock dresses like this! Love the shoes, too. FAB! 

  • All I have to say is love, love, love! Werk it Weesha!

  • Szafa Sikory

    I love this dress! The colour is perfect and you look gorgeous. The ring is beautiful.

  • you are TOOOOOOOO beautiful!! I can't even handle it anymore!

  • Cerise vidal

    well you are working the hell out of that dress! I love the colour on you and great choice of shoe! xoxo

  • Perfect !!! 

  • Louise P.

    Lovely dress! You look great in it!

  • The dress is awesome and the color looks beautiful with your skin and hair. But girl, those shoes?! Love 'em!! They are too cute 🙂

  • You are totally ROCKING that dress & those shoes are too cute !!!

  • Maitrayeeb49

    The third photo is all sorts of fabulous! You have an AMAZING profile! I am sold, lady! I would buy this just based on how this dress looks on YOU. 

  • So pretty, I think this Peplum is cute but also really chic and I guess it would be a great way for me to try more bodycon dresses cause it kind of hides the belly without looking like something that is just there for hiding my body 😀 You know what I mean? ^^

  • I think you look great in the dress, but yeah, I'd expect the peplum to sit on the waist. It looks good how you have it though. I love the colour. I've yet to try the peplum trend, I love it, but I'm not sure it would work on me. Oh and of course, those shoes are AMAZING!

  • haha I'm pretty sure we have similar booties 😛 You can rock a dress like this easily hun, I'd recommend the skirt though just because it sits properly on the waist and is less clingy, but yeah- you can!

  • gosh, I don't even know how to reply to that! Thank you hehe 🙂

  • Thank you! I also got asos curve's peplum skirt and I love that heaps more. It sits perfectly on the waist and I think peplum is a super curve friendly trend. I know some people hate the word flattering but it really is one of the most flattering silhouettes because it defines the waist and hides a tummy. 

  • exactly why I bought it haha! I love peplum skirt, all of them cover my tummy and define my waist and they feel very Mad Men to me.

  • Thank you so much Maitrayee! I love the peplum trend, I think it's one of those silhouettes that look fab on every body and shape 🙂

  • Thanks Katie! These are officially my IT shoes for the summer <3

  • Thank you so much!

  • Thank you so much Alissa, that means a lot, especially coming from you!

  • Wow! Love everything in  these photos! You are beautiful! <3

  • Patricia

    You look perfect here!!!!!!!

  • I absolutely love the color of the dress! it really brings out the warmth in your skin.  Not to mention peplums are so in right now and they do wonders for covering a tummy

  • Sawsan

    glamorous, magnifique as usually!

  • Love the retro vibe of the shoes… & your hair is so pretty! 🙂

  • lovelovefashion

    i love the dress  -the colour is perfect and i love the shoes you always have such good taste – the ring is divine too x

  • Just shoot me

    I love youre whole outfit and your hair is awesome!

  • Mell Nasgon

    Linda! Linda! Linda! Amei o vestido!

    Beijos do Brasil.

  • You look AMAZING as ever!!!  So gorgeous and unique.  I always love love love your style and flair.  Perfection as usual.

  • wow!!! I looooovvvee this on you! The colour is gorgeous! 

  • Fullure

    Hi Weesha, That dress is gorgeous. The shoes – to dies for. Work it Girl……

  • This dress is made for you!

  • Love this peplum dress on you. The shoes are insane and your makeup is beautiful. Perfection! Kiah

  • This is my favorite look of all time because I can see myself wearing that in a second, Even though I love your style I wouldnt necessarily wear some of the things you do, or even the way you do and thats why I like this look so much.

  • You look great! I love the dress 🙂 


    You look so beautiful!! Love this look! 

  • Joanna Gwizdała

    You look super cute and sexy. Love the color.

  • Cute dress. The heels on those shoes are amazing. 

  • In my book you can never do wrong! You look so amazing! That coral color just makes you POP! The shoes are perfect for this outfit.  WERK!!!!