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Shopping for Plus Size Lingerie

April 6, 2012

It’s a no brainer that the plus size fashion industry is only just evolving, surveys are published about how we prefer shopping online without noting the fact that it’s our only choice. It’s a similar situation with plus size lingerie too, I feel like we’re condemned to the granny section of the store. In my experience, the ladies’ plus size lingerie section, if it exists at all, is usually this lone corner with an explosion of black, white or nude. Bleh.

I don’t even have the biggest boobs (in my opinion) but I find it tough to find lingerie in my size and expecting it to be pretty or sexy is almost unrealistic.

FYI You don’t have to be sexy or pretty for anyone, that’s not your obligation as a woman but you do have the right to feel pretty and sexy no matter what your size is. Feeling sexy is a different concept from looking sexy. Feeling sexy is an inner confidence, a feeling of pride about your body and hey, just like you know you deserve a pretty dress and will feel fabulous in it, the same theory applies to lingerie as well.

I really liked what I saw on the plus size lingerie section of Marisota. I was actually a bit overwhelmed at the variety of style options! From front fasteners, plunge bras, minimizers, multi way etc to the colours and fabric, they even have these options for sizes that go past a G cup.


If you’re a bit of a noob about these things (like me), I’d recommend checking out their Bra Fitting Guide video. I didn’t know a lot of the tips they mentioned but I do know that the right size makes a huge difference on the shape of your body, your posture and can even help if you’ve been experiencing back pain.


I love all the colours and little details, and as you can see, they have a nice selection of cute every day wear and glam evening wear.

Marisota also had Gok Wan’s latest shape wear line which I’m quite excited to try as I’ve heard lots of good reviews. Plus, I love the pretty colours! It would be nice to have shape wear you’re not embarrassed about anyone seeing, you know?



I’m really glad we have plus size lingerie options online at least and hopefully retailers will see the potential to stock these in store, it’s annoying to see smaller girls enjoy their shopping experience while ours is practically non existent.

Where do you usually shop for your lingerie? Any recommendations?

I’ll let you know about my shopping experience with Marisota, you get 20% off your first order so I’m sure I won’t regret it hehe.

Hope you’re having a fabulous Friday!





  • Asdas

    put ur own pix,,,

  • Shayne Renee

    It's so funny that you wrote this post today. I just went shopping for lingerie two days ago. I couldn't find anything that I love or felt sexy in. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  • Bruna Wandermurem

    I love your blog! It is an honor to have you here in brunecas! Kiss!

  • Nora B.

    Another good store is bravissimo lingerie, they dont have it in the uae but you can order. I dont know if its for plus-size, but they have bras from size D to KK 

  • lovelovefashion

    i love shapewear and finding ones that arent nana style can be tricky, i found the best and cheapest for me was asda(walmart), i am currently a slip convert and found a fab madmen style on simply be online, my foundation garments make all the differerence for me – i have had 3 children and darn it my stomach will never be flat, but shapewear gives me confidence and my sass x

  • Malene Blog

    I can highly recommend the Florence Bra from Change. It comes in different colours every season and is always available in basic colours – black and white. It is my alltime favourite bra and I own four of them right now.

  • Peter Dudgen

    Had a look at the Marisota site and the products don't look very sexy do they? I normally buy my wife's lingerie here  Do you know of any other sites where I can buy UK dress size 24  items that are really sexy!

  • Those are damn pretty bras! I noticed there is a two pack there. You seldom see a two pack and a reasonable price for plus size bras. 

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