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Play it Cute!

April 23, 2012






Playsuit from New Look, shoes from Next


Jewelry by Bader Najeeb.

Seriously, how cute is all this jewelry?? I met Bader in the Think Up section of Comic Con and I fell in love with all his amazing jewelry designs. I’m also shocked that he’s only 16 years old!

Speaking of Comic Con, I was also surprised at the amount on hot men I ran into there 😛


heh, I took a cellphone shot of the actual photograph, it’s framed in my living room for everyone to see! I can’t believe I met Jason Momoa- he’s even dreamier in person <3

I also got to meet Laurie Holden from Walking Dead. It was a good weekend 🙂

Hope you’re feeling beautiful today!


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  • Wow! You look MARVELOUS!!!! The jewelry is too cute for words!!!! I love it all! Plus you & Jason look like u were made for each other! 😉

  • Super cute romper. You look amazing. Love the print so much…so soft and feminine! Kiah

  • oh my life, too cute! loving it! xoxo

  • Very very cute outfit LuAnne! 

  • lovelovefashion

    cute!  it has a 40's pin up girl feel to it and the jewellry is mouthwateringly scrummy, as ever your shoes are just delicious, you have great legs x ps thank you for the photo of mr.momoa and you, he is veeeeery nice

  • Wow everytime I think it can't get more amazing and then you just post another awesome outfit of yours! This playsuit it so cute and you look adorable and you jewlry is so great!!!

  • Loving all your recent outfits Weesh and the new hair colour 🙂 xo

  • Loving this romper on you. The print is so cute and playful! We need to start a curvy girl version of Delightful Dozen and start trading clothes or something!

  • Oh wow – the print, I am dying!  I love those colors together and the fact that it is a bird print… so much love!  You look great as always.

  • great print on the playsuit! AND, i'm so JEALOUS you met jason momoa. he's GORGEOUS 🙂

  • Indy

    I cannot get over how frickin cute you are, girl!  You are so amazingly stylish!  I love it!

  • Super cute playsuit hun!

    Stay beautiful! *Smooches*

  • Beebee

    Darling, i wont lie.. You need to hit the gym… or work on the cellulite.. 🙂

  • And you need a reality check- even skinny women get cellulite 🙂 It's nothing to be ashamed of. And why are you even on a plus size fashion blog if you have these opinions? You need to  get a life or stick to skinny fashion blogs.

  • Beebee

    Darling, im a plus sized lady too… i wear what suits my body… you're getting fashion twisted… Fashion is not WHAT you wear..It's HOW you wear it b!… *kiss kiss*

  • I saw you at the comic con! My husband was actually the photographer of that photo you posted with jason momoa. let me know if you want a copy of the file, i can send it to you. 🙂

  • YES PLEASE! omg, small world 🙂 Thank you so much Mae!

  • Patricia

    I think Bebee's comment was mean and  uncalled for. Weesha you are a beautiful woman and you should feel entitled to wear what you want and make your own judgement calls when it comes to clothing.

  • lovelovefashion

    wow, negative comment, i always find that pushing boundaries can cause extreme responses, refusing to go into the box marked 'acceptable' or 'flattering',  making a decision to honour oneself and wear clothes  we truly want, you see style is an expression of ourselves, an unabashed comment of who we are, and that takes guts, and i will continually be inspired by miss weesha, fashion is ours to do what we want with x

  • I love you. I love what you said here and thank you so much for supporting me. Haters will always hate but that won't stop us, will it?

  • Thank you Patricia! I'm not going to cover up so people don't have to look at my cellulite or fat or whatever. That's their problem, I'm too busy being my fashionable self 😉

  • Such a fantastic outfit – love the playsuit and LOVE the jewellery!

    Sorry you got the negative comment, it was really uncalled for! You rock!

  • You looks adorbs in the romper. And that jewelry is so edible & kawaii! 😀

  • Sent to your email. You're welcome. 🙂

  • I think this playsuit looks amazing on you!

  • fashionforgiants

    I love the print on that romper – it's so cute.  And you were so smart to pair it with heels to keep it from looking childish.  You look gorgeous.

    Also, sorry that you got a negative comment, but your response was spot-on.  Everyone has cellulite, even skinny ladies.  It's a fact of life.

    Finally, not sure how I wasn't following you before, but I've remedied that!


  • Natvcp

    i think a belt would look good in this look too…but you look beautiful…blue is your color

  • Elle

    You look so cute!  You inspired me to purchase a playsuit, something I've always wanted to wear but was too afraid to try.  Keep on keepin' on!

  • Super cute playsuit! I've seen them over on ASOS, but I've been on the fence about trying one. I may have to now!