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Hello Flawless!

April 4, 2012





How cute is it that they dressed up as intergalactic air stewardesses?



Lovely Ekta from Dollz in Dubai


I can’t help it, being a dork kind of runs in my family. If you’ve ever met them, you know.






Wearing all Benefit products: Hello Flawless liquid foundation and powder, Chacha tint and They’re Real mascara.

Fyi, I haven’t edited these pictures, I just put my watermark on them 🙂

What does Hello Flawless do?

Brightens, hydrates and gives luminous complexion
Natural finish with light-diffusing ingredients instantly brighten skin
Light to medium coverage
Exclusively developed Oxygen Wow Hydrating Complex:
– Helps to boost cellular respiration for a “plumping up” effect on skin
– Helps to protect against environmental stresses
– Contains vitamin C & E derivatives known to prevent signs of aging
Prevents sun damage with broad spectrum SPF 25 PA+++
Oil-free and fragrance-free
Developed for all skin types

What do I think about the Hello Flawless liquid foundation and powder?

– It’s a light to medium coverage foundation

It’s has a really glowy, dewy finish

– Super light, it does not feel like you’re wearing anything on your skin

-I used the powder to tone down the dewiness of the liquid foundation because I have combination skin and I feel like glowy can turn into shiny for me. it doesn’t give you a complete matte finish which is nice because your t zone doesn’t look too shiny and your cheeks glow.

-I’m not wearing any concealer in these pics but I normally would for my dark circles, I’m a fan of high coverage!

-I would recommend getting the liquid foundation and the powder together, I don’t like the look of the liquid foundation alone. It looks a lighter or maybe that’s because it’s so dewy, I love the powder because it’s a little darker and creates a more natural look. I think I’ve suffered with oiliness so much that dewiness just annoys me, so I need a powder.

-I didn’t need to use a lot of product to get this coverage and I didn’t find it streaky, it’s very easy to put on with a foundation brush.

What didn’t I like?

They have 9 shades only, I wish they had a few more to include darker skin tones.

It lasts for about 4 to 6 hours in Dubai weather (heat, humidity, freezing air-conditioning and then heat again!) which is not as long lasting as my Mac Prolongwear (all day, baby!) but I use this anyway because it’s probably the most comfortable foundation I have ever tried and I’m done with the office in about 6 hours anyway 🙂

They say it’s for all skin types but I personally think it’s better suited for dry or combination skin (I have combination skin).

Would I buy this?

Yep. I save my Prolongwear for events or days when I know I’ll be out for ages but I think Hello Flawless is great as an everyday foundation. It has a natural, healthy finish and it’s so light on the skin!

Have you tried Hello Flawless? What did you think?

Priced: 165 AED | 12.50 KD | 17 BD | 164 QR | 169 SR
Available to buy at: all Faces and Sephora in GCC, selected Areej and Debenhams stores in UAE

Love and hugs,





  • I am totally getting this!!

  • I really want to try pore fessional! Nice post 🙂 new follower 🙂

  • nice! where can i get one and do you know how much it is? 🙂

  • Yara Hindawi

    i want your shirt. 

  • glitzylady

    Can you tell me how much it is cost in AED. Would love to try it. It looks flawless on you. 🙂

  • It's aed 165 and you can get it at Sephora's , Debenhams, etc I hope you like it too!

  • I bought it but ended up with the wrong shade so I gave it to my mom! lol She loves it though, it really brightens her face. I might end up buying the correct shade after all. 🙂

  • Lu Manzana

    Loved ur blog Weesha!

    Xxx from Brazil ")

  • Wow that's awesome coverage! I'll have to look into this makeup.

  • I must have the shortest, stupidest eyelashes EVER because I have that mascara and my eyelashes do not look like that. You are so exotic and beautiful 🙂

  • hehe I got lucky in the eye lashes department but I was blown away by this mascara!

  • Aw Weesha you're so cute 😀 I have the They're Real mascara and the Hello Flawless liquid foundation and I love them both. <3 I have the foundation in the lightest shade they do because I'm such a pale girly. You're looking as lovely as ever.

  • Love their uniforms. I'm super dorky, glad to know I'm not alone. 😛
    You have awesome skin & methinks you should someday do a post on your tattoos (at least the visible ones) if you're comfortable with it & haven't done so already. 🙂