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Floral blazer & a Butterfly Skirt

April 30, 2012









Floral blazer from Asos Curve, Butterfly print skirt from Mathew Williamson at Debenhams, River Island clutch, New Look glitter shoes.

I’m not here to teach you about fashion or tell you what to wear. I’m here to share what I wear and my philosophy on fashion. I am by no means an expert. I just aim to inspire other girls, of any shape or size, to have fun with fashion, to use it as a tool to feel fabulous, beautiful and confident. See, some people think you have to follow rules and trends to be stylish or chic, “Slim those thighs” or “Balance a bold print with a neutral colour” blah blah. But where the hell is the fun in that? I use fashion as a creative outlet of self expression and while I love trends, I’m more interested in interpreting them to say ‘Weesha’. I will always live by my “Wear what you want, be who you want, fuck everyone else’ motto because I want to live happily (and maybe in delusion) according to my rules and my standards. Other people can hate or share their well meaning opinions but I’m not responsible for that, I’m responsible for the one life I have and I’m not letting anyone else control that. I’m not hiding my body to make anybody else more comfortable, thanks.

Ok, end serious tone. In other news, why can’t Asos Curve come in smaller plus sizes too? Plus size doesn’t start at 20 just like it doesn’t end at 26!

Hugs and more hugs 🙂




  • You ROCK!!! I love how you stay true to YOURSELF & your style reflects this. Love it!!!

  • Louise P.

    Love the jacket, skirt and bag. I agree that we should wear what we want and break the rules. Personal style is just that: personal. It would be boring if we all dressed exactly alike. I think ASOS Curve should start smaller and go larger, too. Or maybe the main range should extend their sizing too.

  • Really love this look !

  • you look fabulous. your bright blue hair is so bad ass, as is your picture at the end of your entry 😉 i love how you are willing to break out of the fashion rules and mix patterns… incredible!

    sarah rose

  • lovelovefashion

    quite right luanne!!! self expression is certainly controversial for some, i think 'the rules' given out years ago by trinny and susannah and several others were always meant to empower those who were so ashamed/awkward/embarresed and lacked confidence in what to wear, and women, beautiful women who were unable to get beautiful clothes which could reflect their fabulousness were bound down by lack of confidence/clothing and the judgement of some who seem to think if you have weight, then dont draw attention to yourself, as if it shouldn't be allowed- well screw that!! it is only because of your blog and others that i once again bought a striped top- i have a large chest…stripes make them look larger…wtf! why should i hide my chest? i have bought belts in vibrant colours, i always had fab shoes, but your blog made me think, and that my friend, is power x

  • The color combinations are lovely!

  • Ticka

    The mixed prints and the flirty skirt look are too cute!! Love this outfit!

  • Div Moorjani

    Ohh maan, I can never pull off High heels.. you're lucky. 🙂

  • kbrown

    Great skirt! Love the combo xo

  • You go Lu,  fashion rules are meant to be broken! Loving your outfit, especially the contrasting prints. I'd also love if ASOS curve would go beyond a size 26, but they said they have no plans of extending their sizes boooo. 🙁  x

  • love the blazer and the clutch

  • That blazer… I just… need 😀 xo

  • Tasha Laker

    I was just looking at the trousers that match your blazer, they are sitting in my maybe to buy basket, think it's a sign I need them now!!  Oh and I think we have the same Fairy Tattoo, I've never seen it anywhere else, have you?

  • I so admire your amazing attitude, girl! We do need more people with this mindset. 🙂 I do wish people were more let & let live but they're not. I cant act like a hypocrite, sometimes my first instinct is to judge someone but I fight it now & don't jump to conclusions as much.
    There will always be people who have opinions about how you should live your life. I try to not shoot down the ones who say it nicely, seem genuinely concerned & know their limits. But I am by no means a diplomatic person, & once they cross a line they will regret ever having messed with me. I just had to do it again on facebook when people can't mind they're own business & have opinions about things like photography that they know nothing of.
    So yeah, you can check the comments last photo I was tagged in on there if you'd like to be entertained. 😀
    Also, I have a very similar zara blazer. (which was my first zara purchase, haha!)

  • Cute skirt! And that clutch is FAB!

    Stay beautiful! *Smooches*

  • I love the blazer and the purse. And I especially love the message. This is who we are. Why should we be shamed for how we look?

  • 🙂 I agree with you that our lives are OURS and should be treated as such. Wear what you want!

    That blazer is amazing, but still somehow so very wearable! I can see so many outfits with it at once 🙂 

  • You got the blazer!! Ahh i so wanted this and when it went on sale i was even more tempted! Love it! Looks fab with the clutch, just added you to my blogroll too babe, your pretty dam amaze! x

  • You are one of my style icons! I love the way you wear what you love & what makes you feel good instead of sticking to the "rules". You always look fabulous, and it shows that you are having fun in your clothes!

  • S Nicole

    I agree with you. I am starting to learn that for myself. What do I really like to be worn for me regardless of the society limits….I appreciate you posting that….and of course I LOVE the mix of patterns. U got a reader in me!

  • Natvcp

    you look fucking perfect !

  • Anika

    I am NOT a fan of prints/florals…BUT, I so LOVE THIS look!!! I think cause it goes with ur BRIGHT hair! Awesome! xP xoxoxo