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Fashion Risks

April 17, 2012







Zara shirt, Splash leggings, Asos shoes, H&M purse

Not everyone is going to like this outfit but that’s okay, I just wanted to push my boundaries and try something new instead of something perfect. I have mixed feeling about it now in retrospect but meh, you can’t always get it right. I’d rather be fearless in fashion than fit in.

Since summer is upon us here in Dubai, I got myself a fabulous facial from In & Out over at Bloomingdales, Dubai Mall. My skin tends to break out and get oilier during summer, it’s such a pain and I can’t remember the last time I treated myself to a facial.

They did a skin analysis with this thingy:


And I got a close up look at my skin:IMAG0097

Quite gross to be honest, I was horrified! But my skin therapist assured me that with the exception of a few clogged pores, I have good skin. Apparently, this is what normal skin looks like. She said I should be using a day cream, night cream and eye cream on a daily basis and that I should exfoliate once a week. Drinking lots of water helps but we need all the help we can get when it comes to moisturizing.

My facial consisted of a few In & Out beauty treatments, from a refreshing cleansing milk to a much needed but gentle exfoliation, facial massage and a brightening mask.




I was very pleased with my experience! I walked out with super soft and rejuvenated skin. I kept touching my face like a total dork afterwards.

My skin therapist was incredibly helpful, I love that she gave me a personalized evaluation and she wasn’t pushy about buying their products, she was very focused on helping and advising. I guess their products speak for themselves really (currently using the exfoliator she gave me and loving it).

Let me know if you check them out 🙂 You can learn more about In & Out here:






  • I love the yellow top! And how you paired it with all black and also the blue ends of your hair <3

  • I looks fabulous and I love the shoes! Very edgy.

  • Anonymous


  • You are right, fashion is definitely about expressing and if you felt comfortable, good on you! I like your shirt! change in weather can be horrible on your skin, i usually suffer in winter…:)

  • Anonymous

    I love the look from head to toe! Absolutely flawless!


  • Bravo for going outside your comfort zone! The shoes are killer & I'm loving the sheer top for that pop of color. You've inspired me to finally get a facial b/c I too suffer from oily skin

  • Anonymous

    I think you look fabulous!! Love the entire outfit!

  • WOWZERS!! This outfit is so risque and fabulous! I love you in this color! Would you believe that I've never had a professional facial or massage? What world do I live in? Kiah

  • Tracey B

    I love this outfit!!! The shoes are to die for and your leggings are just sexy beyond belief.  You work it lady. xXx

  • Your hair looks gorgeous & I do love that sheer fluro shirt! 🙂

  • KittyBonkers

    I love that yellow shirt on you! And I love my face after a facial, I can never stop touching my face after one either!!

    Kitty xox

  • Love your style here!! Really finding your blog inspiring!

  • Sara

    Girl, you look so great!!! I love this look. It definitely has to be one of my favorites from you!!! You should be more bold more often! =P

  • Bethamint

    I LOVE this outfit. I love the edginess of the leggings and the shoes and the colour combo of the yellow with your amazing blue hair. It's just fierce and fantastic and I love it! 

  • Prencilla
  • Guest

    Thats not nice of you.

  • Prencilla

     SHE STARTED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wow, that is really a brave outfit, but the yewllot looks great on you and who if not you, could rock such a combination of leggings and a cropped shirt?..I think I ouldn't be confident enought to work it without a skirt, but I love the look!

    Also your facial treatment sound lovely, I would love to get something like this…by the way I think your hair looks awesome too, eventhouh I am a biiig, big  fan of your curls.

  • I love seeing bloggers take fashion risks – and I reckon you look amazing in this outfit! I love the neon yellow with your skin tone, and those leggings are really cool.

  • Yay for pampering yourself! And I think your outfit is totally bad ass! I saw some heels with spikes over the weekend and immediately thought of you because they were bad ass. So there! 🙂

  • JazmineKariss

    Loving that neon top, girl!  Those shoes are to die for!

  • dayuummmm. Love the look! 
    I recently got my first facial at Silkore in Beirut, it was called the Diamond Micro Dermabrasion (Basically a Diamond facial :P) It was so nice and relaxing. But it made me realize I need to take care of my skin and use lot's of creams 🙁

  • lovelovefashion

    i completely get the need to break the routine and wear something that makes us go aaargh, life can be a uniform sometimes where we wear things that look nice or stylish and i love that too, finding pieces that make us confident in our own skin is sooo good, i feel at the mo my most chic however my formative years were spent dressing exactly how i wanted – no fear not even a care, so my shoes are my homage to fearlessness, i can get ripped about them (mainly my brothers!) but the shoes will always be mine-sorry for the ramble but i do like the look, edgy colour pop fierce shoes and flawless skin – its a winner x 

  • Thanks Tracey 🙂

  • Thank you so much Amanda!

  • thank you! and judging from the positive response I'm getting with this post, I agree 😀

  • Thank you much, I'm beaming right now 🙂

  • Thank you Katrin, I would normally wear it with a skirt too but I was in a wth mood haha. I don't know, I think I just need a change in my looks so I'm liking straight hair now. Will switch back and forth just to avoid damaging my hair with the irons 🙂

  • I'm going to have to quote you on this, LOVE!! Gotta repeat that to myself each time I look in the mirror 🙂 Thank you Jasmine <3

  • Thanks Aline 🙂 We have Silkor here too, I should check them out. And yea :/ it made me feel a bit old really, like ok now I need high maintenance for my skin too?!

  • Thank you! and why do men like criticising our outfits so much? my dad does it to my mom as well and the bf to me -_- They will never get it.

  • Thanks Moe! haha I actually think the David Lee Roth bit is a compliment 😛

  • haha that is so awesome! I do love a good spiked shoe 🙂

  • Thank you! hopefully we'll inspire others to take risks too and not just in fashion 🙂

  • OMFG, you look fantastic!!! I LOVE that outfit, you're killing it! <3 <3 <3

  • Sahar Latheef

    Love the hair (I already said that on Twitter! :P) 
    And the shoooesssss <3 

    Love the look! 

  • Rachel @ Jazz It Up

    You're rockin' the neon trend!!! 

  • ShalidaAnn

    I love that outfit!

  • Love it! You look gorg. 

  • Love this outfit, fantastic!

  • Oh! I really love this! I think it's different and I always tend to like different. I want that stop so badly! I'm in such a yellow phase at the moment!

  • Malene Blog

    The shirt looks so good on you!

  • I am 100% is camp YES! I love you in this. Your fashion risk totally paid off in my mind.

  • Delitta Fleming

    Fabulous and so Rock N Roll!

  • Cooksabrina

    OH MY GOSH- I had this done at Saks!! so CRAY. I love your yellow shirt and fierce pictures.

  • Chastity Valentine

    You look like you are ready to kick butt and take names lady…Smokin!!! 

  • Guest

    Why would you commit such a hate crime towards fashion?

  • Mae Cilos

    I saw you at Comic Con's Beer Garden last Friday! My friend saw you first and told me "that girl's hair is so cool", then when I looked, I realized it was you! 🙂 You're prettier in person, by the way. 🙂

  • S Nicole

    I am loving the entire outfit! Those shoes are to die for! S Nicole

  • I have never been a fan of cut out leggings. Something about them makes me think of David Lee Roth. Not on you obviously, just in general. Love the sheer yellow top with the black underneath. 

  • Girl, what you talking?! In the immortal words of Kid Fury, you are Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Bad Bitch in that outfit!!! Work, Weesha, WORK!