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Weesha’s Dare for IWIYW

March 24, 2012



In celebration of this year’s Earth Hour, thousands of people across the world are participating in the I Will If You Will challenge. You just have to pick a dare for you to follow through if a number of people adopt an environment friendly habit of your choice (like recycling, carpooling, etc).

Please click here to accept my challenge, it’s such a small, super easy task! and I hope you sign up for the IWIYW challenge too 🙂

Don’t forget- Earth Hour is on March 31st at 8:30 pm!




  • Challenge accepted (I actually already do), sooo… go!!! 😉

  • I WILL! <3

  • Such a great initiative, LuAnne! I already do this, otherwise I would absolutely accept your challenge:)

  • That's a neat campaign to improve the environment. I just HAD to accept the challenge. Looks like you're one person closer to dying your hair green.. 🙂

  • Challenge accepted! 

  • JustDaisy

    I love this! I want to get involved too, your such an inspiration Weesha!


  • You are just too too cute! I can't wait to see your hair green because I WILL!! Kiah

  • Kudos to you!!! I think green will be interesting because it opens plenty of fashion opportunties. I know no matter what color your hair is youll look beautiful!