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Stripes and Smiles

March 17, 2012






Everything from New Look except Cambridge Satchel

I had the perfect earrings for this outfit but I could only find one of them, which is typical me but still, I tore the entire house apart searching for that damn earring. Bah!

I treated myself and my mom to a proper beauty session today, I was a little down yesterday and wanted to cheer myself up. We got hair cuts, pedicures, manicures, facials etc and I even got a blow dry 🙂


I wish it looked like this everyday! Even if the boy says I look like Strawberry Shortcake 😛

I was tweeting about my crappy mood yesterday and everyone was being so nice and positive in response. it’s one of those moments where you feel so alone but thanks to blogging, you realize that someone across the world, knows exactly how you feel, sometimes more than the person sitting right next to you. I really am grateful, even as Weesha, I need a reminder of my own message sometimes.

My weekend is going well and I hope yours will be lovely too!





  • The dress shows off your great legs! Love those blue suede shoes ( in my Elvis voice…lol). That satchel is the right amount of color to make the outfit pop!

  • This outfit is perfect and gosh, I am so in love with that satchel, it's so vibrant!

  • A perfect example that a curvy woman can wear horizontal stripes and still look hot. Glad to see you are totally making use of the new bag (makes me want one). 

  • Honeysuckelle

    You look gorgeous, I love everything you are rocking here and I want those bangles!


  • Tracey B

    Ihave this from New Look and you made me remember it came with a cute belt… i think i need to wear it today now! Lol I adore your strawberry shortcake hair and like i said on twitter I hope it smells like strawberries.  I like this little thing you put at the end. You know the ugliest thing I see lately is ppl taking photos of ppl when they are not aware to be mean or criticize them. I just think its so awful to treat a person with such disrespect. Like you say, we are all human beings. xXx

  • Your shoe collection is absolutely remarkable. One day you should do a post of all of your shoes!

  • Malene Blog

    You look wonderful! And your legs are to die for. Wow!

  • Hooray for beauty pampering! And I would take the strawberry shortcake comment as a compliment cause strawberry shortcake is freaking delish. 😉

  • Cid

    love the dress, don't care what any one says….i love stripes!! looking fab girl
    oh btw I AM FAT TOO! 🙂

  • I LOVE this outfit!

  • Amen!! And I love the blow-out! So jealous of your hair!!

  • Southernsidechick

    You are gorgeous. Period!  

  • Way cute dress! Have I said lately that you have awesome legs?

  • Nat V

    linda! Love your eyebrows! Beautiful dress!

  • You look absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and you've got that happy sparkle in your eyes in this post. I love EVERYTHING about this look 😀 

  • AWWW you have the satchel I want!! 
    1) You are looking fabulous, has anyone told you you have amazing legs? 
    2) AWW happy mother's day to your mommy. 
    3) You hair looks fabulous and you do not look like Strawberry shortcake 😛 (Although, that's not a bad thing :P)
    4) I ADORE your shoes, I think I've mentioned this a million times before 😛

  • THIS COLOR! xD It is so crazy bright, amazing, no wonder you love this bag. 
    I want a striped dress, too!

  • Lollylikes

    I would wear this! If i could walk in killer heels! Love it! I love your colour combos! <3

  • you look amazing in this outift, love love love the bag!! 😀

  • You look lovely. Is that dress currently in stores here in UAE? I really want it! I absolutely love stripes.